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  • 76902 Zinc Plated Steel Venturi Pair

Charbroil Venturi Tubes Pair | 76902

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Charbroil Venturi Tubes Pair | 76902 Description

Fits Charbroil Models :: G14500A,  G14610A, G14630A, G20600A,  G20601A,  G20602A,  G26800-1A,  G26800A,  GG1222UF,  GG123854,  GG1251,  GG1253, GG1253HD,  GG1254,  GG1254R, GG1455,  GG1455GLN, GG1456, GG1456-IDPS, GG1459, GG1460, GG1463-C, GG1464, GG1464-6, GG1464-C,  GG1464-R, GG1464-T, GG1465,  GG1466, GG1466-6, GG1466-BP, GG1466-C, GG1466-CTC, GG1466-PW, GG1467, GG1468, GG1468-C, GG2052, GG2052-BP, GG2055, GG2056, GG2066, GG2067, G GG2067-GLN, GG2067-JW, GG2068,  GG2068-6,  GG2068-C, GG2068-C6, GG2201, GG2202EGK, GG2211, GG2505, GG3300, GG3301, GG3305, GG3305-1, GG3310,  GG691-C, GG694-C, GG694CTC, GG697-C, GG770020, GG770021, GG770022, GG7710, GG7711,  GG7711C,  GG7712,  GG772401, GG7731, GG7732, GG7733, GG7734,  GG7735, GG7736, GG7737, GG7740, GG7741, GG7742, GG7743, GG7744, GG7745, GG7746, GG7747, GG7748, GG7749, GG7750, GG7751, GG7752, GG7905, GG8800,  GG8800C, GG8801, GG8801C, GG8802, GG8803, GG8804, GG8805E, GG8805EFI, GG8805EGK, GG8806, GG8850, GG8851, GG8853, GG8860, GG8861, GG8863, GG8868, GG8869-C, GG9901, GG9902, GG9903, GG9905, GG9905C, GG9911

Dimensions : 2 3/4" x 3"

Material : Zinc Plated Steel

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