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FBB-4/Empire Variable-Speed Blower with Temperature Switch




Product Description

212-FBB4 Empire Variable-Speed Blower with Temperature Switch Circulate the warmed air throughout the room with a Variable-Speed Blower. This unit is optional for the following items: Empire BVD-34-FP30LN BVD-34-FP50LN BVD-36-FP32LN BVD-36-FP52LN BVP-42-FP52LN DVD-32-FP30-LP DVD-32-FP30-NG DVD-32-FP50-NG DVD-36-FP30-LP DVD-36-FP30-NG DVD-36-FP50-LP DVD-36-FP50-NG DVD-42-FP30-LP DVD-42-FP30-NG DVD-42-FP50-LP DVD-42-FP50-NG DVD-48-FP30-LP DVD-48-FP30-NG DVD-48-FP50-NG DVP-36-FP30-LP DVP-36-FP30-LP DVP-36-FP30-NG DVP-36-FP70-LP DVP-36-FP70-NG DVP-42-FP30-LP DVP-42-FP30-NG DVP-42-FP70-LP DVP-42-FP70-NG DVP-48-FP30-LP DVP-48-FP70-LP DVP-48-FP70-NG VFP-32-FP20L-LP VFP-32-FP20L-NG VFP-32-FP30L-LP VFP-32-FP30L-NG VFP-36-FP20L-LP VFP-36-FP20L-NG VFP-36-FP30L-LP VFP-36-FP30L-NG

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