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  • Ignitor Electrode with mounting bracket

Ignitor Electrode with mounting bracket | 04010

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Ignitor Electrode with mounting bracket | 04010 Description

Sold Individually


Aussie: 4280, 4280-0A113, 4280-0A116


Backyard Grill: BY12-084-029-98, BY13-101-001-11, BY13-101-001-12, BY13-101-001-13, GBC1255W


BBQ Grillware: GGPL-2100, GGPL2100, GSC2418, GSC2418N, GSF2616


Better Homes & Gardens: BH13-101-099-01, GBC1362W


Chargriller: 2001, 2020, 3001, 3008, 3030, 4000, 4208, 5050, 5252


Great Outdoors: 432SL, KG432, Pinnacle TG475-2, TG475-2, TG560


Grill Chef: BM616, GC610, GC616, GC716, GC7550, GC816


Jenn-Air: JA460, JA461, JA461P, JA480, JA580


Kenmore: XH1510


King Griller: 3008, 5252


Master Forge: GGPL-2100CA, MFJ810CSB


Members Mark: M3206ALP, M3206ALP, M3206ANG, M3207ALP. M3207ANG, M3905ALP, M3905ANG, M5205ALP, M5205ANG


North American Outdoors: 843019U, BB10571A, BB10769A, BB10769A-1


Outdoor Gourmet: CG3023E, GD430


Perfect Flame: MH45812 3JYP


Uniflame: GBC091W, GBC1030W, GBC1030WRS, GBC1030WRS-C, GBC1059WB, GBC1059WB-C, GBC1059WE-C, GBC1117W, GBC1134W, GBC1134WRS, GBC1143W-C, GBC750W, GBC831WB, GBC831WB-C, GBC850W, GBC850W-C, GBC850WNG-C, GBC940WIR, GBC956W1NG-C, GBC981W, GBC981W-C, GBC983W-C, NSG3902B, NSG4303, Patriot, Wellington


Vermont Castings: CF9030, CF9050, CF9055 3A, CF9055 3B, CF9056, CF9080, CF9085 3A, CF9085 3B, CF9085, CF9086, Experience, Extreme, Extreme Built-in, Extreme Limited Edition, Marvel, Sizzler, Sizzler Built-in, VC30, VC3505, VC500, VCS3000, VCS3500, VCS3500BI, VCS3505, VCS3505BI, VCS4000, VCS4005, VCS4005C, VCS4006, VCS4007, VCS4017, VCS4027, VCS4037, VCS4106, VCS500, VCS5000, VCS5000BI, VCS5005, VCS5005BI, VCS5006, VCS5006BI, VCS5007, VCS5010, VCS5016, VCS5017, VCS5026, VCS5027, VCS5036, VCS5037, VCS6005, VCS6006, VM400, VM400XBP, VM4500XVP, VM406, VM450, VM45055P, VM450SSP, VM456, VM600, VM600VSP, VM606, VSC5005BI, VSC5010

Fits XPS: DXH8303, XH1510


Alternate Part # MJH50003472, IG20B, 04010, 4010, MCM04010


Dimensions : Just Ceramic 2 1/8 

Dimensions : Electrode from ceramic 1/4 

Dimensions : Total Ceramic Electrode 2 3/4  (end to end)


Wire and collector box sold separately


To ensure you choose the correct replacement electrode for your grill, we recommend removing the original part and comparing it to what we list.

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