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Real Wood Smoking Grill Tool




Real Wood Smoking Grill Tool Description

The SmokePistol smoke generator can be used for both hot or cold smoking.

  • Hot smoking is the typical type of smoking for brisket slow cook BBQ ribs pork roast turkey etc.
  • Cold smoking is generally used for cheese some fish bacon ham and other cured foods.
  • Hot smoking cooks the meat or food with heat and real wood smoke while cold smoking cooks the food with a combination of curing and smoke.
  • The SmokePistol smoke generator produces very little heat and so it can be used in both hot smoking and cold smoking applications.
  • Quick and simple installation!

The installation of the SmokePistol smoke generator is quick and simple.

It is necessary to drill a ½ inch hole in the smoker or barbecue grill or locate a hole that is at least that big or bigger. Most grills have existing holes that can be used.

A screw included with the SmokePistol is inserted into the grill or smoker and the SmokePistol hangs on that screw with the barrel inserted into the larger hole for the smoke output.

You're ready to relax and start smoking food. Smoke over a longer duration without adding more wood.

With the SmokePistol smoke generator you can smoke over a longer duration without adding more wood!

Usually about 3 hours with a single wood cartridge.

Why so long on so little wood?

The trick is in how you burn the wood.

Wood chips thrown into a BBQ grill all heat up and burn at the same time.

You get a lot of smoke for a very short duration.

That is not good for smoking food. For smoked meats cheeses and fish you need smoke over a long period of time and the SmokePistol delivers.

No need to open the smoker to add wood!

There is no need to open the smoker to add wood.

The SmokePistol is mounted outside the barbecue grill or smoker and the wood cartridge just inserts into the SmokePistol.

The smoke is generated outside the smoker or grill and blown into it so there is no more loss of heat from opening the smoker or grill constantly to add wood.

Minimal space and no woodpiles needed!

No woodpiles are needed with the SmokePistol.

The wood cartridges are small and easy to light.

They last for about 3 hours each so you don't need to keep a woodpile or large bags of chips.

Another great thing is that there are 9 different flavors of real wood cartridges.

So if you use Maple for turkey Hickory for ham Alder for your fish and Pecan for ribs you always have room for a good stock of flavored wood.

A variety of wood flavors are available!

The SmokePistol has real wood cartridges make real wood smoke in 9 flavors.

Real BBQ food comes from real wood smoke and the type of wood gives the food the great flavor. Hickory mesquite alder apple sugar maple pecan oak black walnut and cherry are all readily available.

Try different flavors for different smoked foods.

Low cost for that big BBQ smoke flavor! Big smoke flavor for the right price.

The wood cartridges come in packs of 3 and when compared with the amount of wood chips or chunks you go through in a BBQ or smoking session the price is downright cheap not to mention a whole lot easier.

Up to 4 hours of continuous smoke from a single SmokePistol cartridge!

That means you're free to relax without worrying about adding more wood because you're out of smoke.

When the cartridge burns out just insert another and you're good to go for another 4 hours.

You can't beat that! Easy to start wood cartridges! Oh! Did we tell you about the SmokePistol easy to start wood cartridges!

We said that they were available in 9 different wood types and that they last for up to 3 hours and they are easily inserted into the SmokePistol without opening the BBQ grill or smoker but did you know they are extremely easy to light.

Just use an extended lighter or long match on the tip for a couple of seconds and it's lit.

No lighter fluid and no hassles!


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