Fire Up Your BBQ Grills in Anticipation of Yet Another Great Grilling Season

Spring, the time of year when outdoor cooks from all over the United States fire up their BBQ grills in anticipation of yet another great grilling season. But if you want to be a true master griller, you need to mix it up a bit. Sure, you grill a mean burger and your baby back ribs are to die for, but you need to branch out and discover more unique grilling recipes. What you need are unique foods to grill.

Forget Papa Johns or Digiorno next time you crave a slice of pizza, make your own on your Alfresco BBQ grill. Simply brush some olive oil on your flattened dough and toss it on the BBQ grill. When grill marks appear, add the toppings of your desire, don’t forget lots of cheese, and let it all cook for around three to five minutes. You will not order pizza again.

Meatballs are used in your favorite spaghetti dish and can be stuffed into a kaiser roll as a sub sandwich. One way to enhance these dishes is to grill the meatballs. Place the formed meatballs on your Weber grill and cook them for about three minutes, then roll them over. Repeat this process for about 15 minutes and you wind up with meatballs so tasty they may not even make it to the dish for which they were intended.

Want some bacon but don’t want to clean up the greasy mess it makes when you cook it? Simply grill your bacon on your BBQ grill and cleanup is a breeze. Plus you have grilled bacon. What is better than grilled bacon?

Hungry for more? Do a Google search for grilled foods and discover a slew of dishes you can create on your BBQ grill. 

by on 18th Mar 2016
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