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You can create a true outdoor oasis with Twin Eagles. 

Twin Eagles is a USA made Grill and Outdoor kitchen line with the most extensive line of accessories on the market. From Charcoal/Gas grills to built-in combo drawer/door units the have so much more in between. 

Crafted in California by award winning gas engineer Dante Cantal. Dante has engineered some of the markets leading brands including Dynasty and he co-founded Lynx Grills.

Style, Performance and Quality... the definition of Twin Eagles

hey use 5 PART exclusive grilling technology that combines advanced technology and components engineered exclusively by Twin Eagles Grills.

1. DRAFTING - When you start the burners, heat rises and creates drafting which draws clean cool air through vents located at the bottom of the firebox.

2. DIRECT HEAT - Other grills operate off the principle that heat rises. Heat will also follow the path of least resistance. Allowing heat to merely rise creates hot and/or cold spots. As the heat is pushed upward, it passes through ports located between the ceramic briquettes.

3. RADIANT HEAT - The use of high grade ceramic briquettes distributes radiant heat evenly to the cooking surface, an important aspect for consistent grilling. Twin Eagles does not rely solely on absorbing heat into the bottom of the briquettes. Heat from the channels located between the rows of briquettes is absorbed into the sides and tops of the briquettes.

4. ZONE GRILLING - Your Twin Eagles grill has the ability to cook multiple food items at different temperatures. A divider between each burner breaks your grilling surface into zones. 

5. HEXAGONAL GRATES - The grates in a Twin Eagles grill actually aid in the grilling process by absorbing, retaining and conducting heat into your food. The thicker (heavier) the grate the more heat it will absorb and retain. 3/8 inch hexagonal stainless steel rods have over 20% more mass than most grates and 10% more mass than 3/8 inch round rods. The increased mass will retain more heat. The additional contact allows more heat to be conducted into your food.

Did you know you can use the gas burner in your grill to heat charcoal? By using the Charcoal Tray you can.It has a built-in ash collector too. 

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo everyday with their exclusive Margarita Center. This baby is a dedicated appliance center. With its built-in GFCI (120 V) electrical outlet, just add a blender and your ready for the ultimate cocktail making accessory.

Turn your outdoors into a Pizza Heaven with the revolutionary design of their patented Salamangrill. Cooks with a gas infrared burner mounted over the cooking grid and generates 1,700 degrees of heat in 90 seconds. This unique cooking style retains juices and flavor without flare ups. Oh and did we mention a 13" Pizza stone is included.

You do not have an outdoor kitchen unless its a Twin Eagles Outdoor Kitchen.

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