The Best Luxury Gas Grills - Part 2

In an effort to provide the most experienced (over 50 years) and professional opinion on the best gas grills in the luxury category, after Alfresco Grills, we have selected Twin Eagles as our number two choice.

Dante Cantal, the founder of Twin Eagles is an award winning Gas Engineer with more than 30 years in the gas grill industry. (He is also the co-founder of Lynx Grills, ironically with the creator of Alfresco Grills)

Though not as expansive as Alfresco Grills, Twin Eagles does have impressive line of Grills and Outdoor Kitchen Components.

These grills feature beautiful Blue LED lights  along with polished edges, Zone dividers which allow you to maintain each zone with different temperatures effectively, Grill hood assist, a smoker box and grill lights. 

It boasts an impressive 14 gauge 304 stainless steel burners that accompany a lifetime warranty.

Our two favorite products in this line are the Salamangrill which is a truly revolutionary outdoor oven that has a multitude of uses including baking a pizza. With its infrared burner that generates 1700 degrees of heat, in addition to pizza, you can cook fish, steak or chicken.

Our other favorite product is the Teppanyaki Griddle as we love to have homemade pancakes on the griddle.

You are truly buying a luxury product when you purchase Twin Eagles  Outdoor Products.

Call us today at 877-983-0451 and have one of our experts assist you in choosing the perfect grill that will meet your needs.

by Tracy Hollander on 21st Sep 2016
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