The Best Rated Luxury Gas Grills - Part 1

We at The BBQ Depot have been in the Gas Grill Business since 1956 and have specialized only in Gas Grills. 

If you are in the Luxury Barbeque market the two top brands that are made in the USA are Alfresco and Twin Eagles.

These two companies have been manufacturing gas grills for decades. Ironically, the founder of both companies we partners in the Lynx Professional Grill line.

When the BBQ Depot evaluates a grill line to carry we always look at four things :

1. Is the Grill manufactured in the US with a manufacturing facility in the US (This is very important as many gas grills in the market are simply "brands" and there is no product support. The people who put their name on the grill do not manufacture the grill)

2. How long has the company been in the business and in the industry

3. How does it hold up in the South Florida environment (we have a harsh environment for metals due to the salt and chlorine in our air)

4. Do they require alot of service and how is the warranty support and grill parts availability

We have the ability to get any US brand in the marketplace but only a very selected few make to our showrooms in Hollywood, FL and San Diego, CA.

Here is what we love about these lines.

Part 1 - Alfresco

Alfresco has 3 generations of Grills (AGBQ, ALX2, ALXE). They revolutionized the grilling industry when they introduced their AGBQ line over a decade ago. The quality and features of their grill were unsurpassed in the industry.

When the ALX2 was introduced, it was designed with an internal rotisserie motor that is encased in the firebox and they are still the only grill on the market that has this truly innovative feature. They added interior interior light and a unique coolant system that filters cool air though the front control panel keeping the knobs from getting too hot when the lid is closed.

The newly resigned ALXE grill has one again raised the bar for elegance and luxury by offering the most complete line of restaurant inspired outdoor kitchen appliances. Their unparalleled quality, workmanship (which we have witnessed at the factory first hand), performance and constant innovation for design has made Alfresco a industry force to be reckoned with.

Some of the Exclusive Features of ALXE Grill include :

1. 27,500 BTU burners that are 18SR (made exclusively of stainless and titanium making them scaling and corrosion resistant)

2. An optional Sear Zone that features Exclusive 1500 degree technology

3. Exclusive Heat protective Wiring

4. Exclusive Hood-Assist System

5. Redesigned Controls

6. Adjustable Food Warming Rack

7. Exclusive Control Panel Air Cooling Curtain - keeping the front control panel and bullnose safely cool to the touch as well as protecting all the electronics

and more

There are 4 sizes to choose to fit any lifestyle : 30"36"42" and a 56" grill. They are available in built-in models as well as freestanding carts. 

They also have one of the largest selection in the market for creating a truly luxurious outdoor kitchen.

We at The BBQ Depot can assist you in choosing the best equipment for your needs as well as providing you with a professionally designed layout and placement of your products.

Stay tuned for Part 2 - Twin Eagles

by Tracy Hollander on 8th Sep 2016
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