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BBQ Galore

BBQ Galore was an independent chain of grill equipment. They private labeled their own brand of grills under the names of Turbo, Capt'n Cook, Grand Turbo and others. They went bankrupt and were subsequently purchased by Grand Hall.

190082, 192377, 195172, 195412, 239442 BEFORE 1999, 3BENDLP, 750-0057-4BRB, CG3TCBP, CG4CKW, CHLR3SB, Cook On, G6TSR, GE3BSSLP, GRAND TURBO, gx4tbwn, XC03W, XC03WF, XC03WN, XCK3W, XCK4W, XCO3WF, XG3CCWN, XG3CKWN, XG3TBWN, XG3TSSN, xg4tbwn, xg4tcn, XG5CKW, XG5TBWN, XGTBWSS, YO662NG

TheBBQDepot.com has BBQ (Barbecues-Barbeques) Galore - Turbo, Captain Cook, Cap'n Cook BBQ gas grill parts for models that may not be shown. Manufacturers frequently add suffixes to their model numbers to indicate whether it is Natural Gas (NG) or Liquid Propane (LP). Or whether the grill head is mounted on a post, cart or patio pedestal. Sometimes they add letters to indicate the color, such as BLK for Black, or BL for Blue. As a result of these and other variations, the same basic model will be sold with a number of different model numbers, but they use the same parts.

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