Grand Hall

Grand Hall is an imported grill line that now owns the BBQ Galore brand. They manufacture grills under their Grand Hall brand as well as private labels grills.

Gas grill replacement parts for the following Grand Hall models : 

5001D, 5002D, 6306LP, 8000, 8001, 80500, 89795, 9803S, C3906ALP, CCH07A, CCH07A090, CG06ALP, CG108ALP, CG109ALP, CGI08ALP, CGT12ALP, CSM06ALP, CSTS13ALP, ELITE 791, FREEDOM 326C, FREEDOM 326X, FREEDOM 425, FREEDOM 435, FREEDOM 440, FREEDOM 445, FREEDOM 450, FREEDOM 455, GC-1000, GC-2000, GC-3000, GLOBE CAFE 8000/8001, GQ-5001D, GQ-5002D, HGI08ALP, M5205ALP, M5205ANG, MFA05ALP, OD3208ANG, PREMIUM 323, PREMIUM 321S, PREMIUM 325, PREMIUM 326, PREMIUM 326X, PREMIUM 327, PROFESSIONAL 529, PROFESSIONAL 584, REGAL04CLP, SOURCE04ANG, SOURCE04BLP, SOURCE04BNG, TG08ALP, TRADITIONAL 5009XB, TRADITIONAL 7001A, TRADITIONAL 8009XBHN, Y0005XC, Y0005XC-1, Y0005XC-2, Y0101XC, Y0202XC, Y0202XCLP, Y0202XCNG, Y0655, Y0656, Y0660, Y0660-1, Y0660LP, Y0660LP-2, Y0660NG, Y0660NG-1, Y0660NG-2, Y0669, Y0669NG, YN663LP

If you don't see your model listed please use the dimensions on your burner, heat shield, cooking grate, etc to match your repair part.

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