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Weber has manufactured cooking grates in a variety of materials and styles over the years. Early Weber grills, such as the 1000 with wood shelves, used a "channeled style" grate that was concave on the bottom. These grids were great as they provided more food to surface contact as well as they heated up faster due to the concave bottom. They were offered in stainless steel as well as a porcelain coated steel. Over the years they discontinued offering the channeled grated in the grills (though they are still available as a replacement part). Today, Weber uses porcelain cast iron or stainless steel rod cooking grids.

How to Clean Weber Grill Grates

This will vary on the material.

Porcelain Coated Steel And Cast Iron- NEVER use the grill brush scraper as you increase the chance of chipping the porcelain and once that happens the steel will quickly rust. Either use a brass bristle brush or a stainless scrubber. You can spray a grill degreaser to help loosen the debris stuck on the grates. Only use a material that if you were to rub on the back of your hand, would not hurt,

Stainless Steel - Spray a grill degreaser to help in removing the caked on grease. Use a grill brush, stainless scrubber or invest in a Grinder tool and add a stainless wire wheel brush to it. These are amazing at restoring your stainless grates to a almost new condition.

If your grill grates are beyond cleaning, we have a large stock of Genuine Weber and Aftermarket Replacement Parts. 


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