Chrome Wire Warming Rack, Grillmaster, Sunbeam

Discontinued by the manufacturer
Discontinued by the manufacturer

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This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer


Fits Arkla Models : R4451, R5672, R568C

Fits Charmglow Models : GC446517

Fits Grill Master Models : GG461EPS

Fits Kenmore Models : 258.158200, 920.158200

Fits Sunbeam Models : 158200, 441D1, 441D1-1, 4454R, 44M39-0, 49102, 49303, 5610K, 5610K-1, 562D1, 562D1-1, 562D9, 565D3, 565D7-1, 5662D, 5662D-1, 5669S, 5670D, 5670D-1, 5671S, 567D7, 56D84-0, 56GR1, 56M72-0, 56M89-0, 56M8C, 56T84-4, 69203, 69209, 69213, 69308, 69313, 69415, 69418, 69503, 69508, 69518, 6951A, 69618, 69718, 6980A, 79416, 79426, 7942C, 79816, 79817, 7981S, 79917, 89229, 89328, 89425, 89429, 89509, 89523, 89527, 89627, 89727, D4421, D4464, D5662, D5679, D5684, GG461EPS, GS544417, GS544517, GS544717, GS544817, GS546517, S5634, S5649, S5669, S566C, S5678, S5679

Sunbeam Grillmaster Part# 3811-0113

Material: Chrome

Verify dimensions to ensure correct part.



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