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  • Louisiana Grill 40# Wood Pellets

Louisiana Grill 40# Wood Pellets




Louisiana Grill 40# Wood Pellets Description

Louisiana Grills BBQ Pellets are made of 100% natural hardwoods. No artificial flavors, no spray scents, no glues no chemicals are added to our pellets. The pellets are held together with the natural lignins found in the wood. 

Grilling with wood pellets adds restaurant quality flavor to your grilling experience. Once you taste the flavors of Louisiana Grill pellets you will never go back to charcoal or gas!

Louisiana grill pellets burn hotter and cleaner than other types of wood pellets. 


Flavors : 

Competition Blend : 50% Maple. 25% Hickory. 25% Cherry. A perfect blend of sweet, savory and tart. Used by many professional \"Pit Masters\".

Tennessee Whiskey : Actual ground down using barrels. Strong, sweetsmoke with aromatic tang. Perfect for red meats.


Texas Mesquite : Strong, tangy, spicy flavor.Like Tex-Mex Cuisine

New England Apple : Smoky, mild sweetness flavor. Great for Baking

Wisconsin Hickory 55406 : King of the Woods. Rich, smoky bacon-like flavor.


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