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  • rock grate

10 3/16 x 18 3/16, Rock Grate | 90101

RRP: $19.95 (You save $1.99)



10 3/16 x 18 3/16, Rock Grate | 90101 Description

This grate isn't for cooking your steaks on. It goes under your cooking grill. It does two things:

1. Helps distribute the heat
2. Catches the grease

On top of the Rock Grate gas grillers will put ceramic brackets, lava rocks, or 'grill grates' (something like brackets but made from tile). Charcoal grills put charcoal on their Rock grates.

The product is 10 3/16 inches by 18 3/16 inches. It is made from Galvanized steel. We recommend you clean both your grill and your rock grate after each barbecue.


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Dimensions: 10 3/16\" x 18 3/16\"

Material : Galvanized Steel Wire


To Help Ensure That You Get The Correct Replacement Parts For Your BBQ Grill, We Highly Recommend That You Measure Your Original Parts and Compare Them To What We Have Listed. This Is Best Done With The Parts Out Of The Grill.

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