Saffire 3 In 1 Onyx Black Ceramic Grill w Stainless Stand

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19" Saffire Grill / Smoker / Pizza Oven - The Jewel In The Crown For Grillers 

  • Grilling: Over 700 degrees for quick grilling and searing
  • Smoking: Holds low temperatures for hours for true slow-smoked barbecue
  • Wood-Fired Pizza Oven: Ceramic dome cooks like a brick oven

Unique Features : 

  • Stainless Steel Hinges And Bands
  • Stainless Steel Springs And Hardware
  • Stainless Steel Cart
  • Stainless Steel (Cast) Top Damper
  • Stainless Steel Bottom Damper
  • Stainless Steel Cooking Grid

Ceramic Construction - Durable non-fading ceramic glaze.

Retains Heat - The heavy ceramic dome construction has gaskets providing a tight seal which makes the Saffire highly efficient. This allows the grill to operate on minimal charcoal quantities while smoking food for many hours. Even ideal for use in cold winter climates.

Retains Moisture  - The efficient design of the Saffire requires a minimal amount of air to keep it hot. With less air flow, there is less drying, so the food retains its moisture. This eliminates the need for a water pan.

Temperature Control - Since the temperature fluctuates very little, it’s easy to maintain your desired temperature for hours.

Wide Temperature Range - Easily sustains temperatures from less than 200 to over 800 degrees internally.

Enhanced Flavor - The sealed dome construction provides a more even heat and effective distribution of smoked flavor into the food. Taste it and you’ll believe it!

Smokin Chip Feeder: Allows wood chips to be added to the fire without having to open the lid or remove the cooking grid. Eliminates the need to open the lid during cooking in order to add woodchips for smoking. Keeps wood chips out of the food and hands out of the fire.

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