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Have your Pizza And Eat it Too!


The Price is Right for you to Add some serious luxury to your Outdoor Kitchen with a Pacific Living Outdoor Oven.

Experience a new world of culinary excitement and cook perfectly crusted pizzas, succulent seafood and savory meats, breads, casseroles, and delectable desserts. There is no limit to your imagination.

Pizza ovens can get very expensive ($4,000-$5,000). Not the Pacific Living Outdoor Oven!

Everything you would normally bake indoors, you can cook to perfection outdoors. 

The oven gets very hot, and yes, it can cook whatever you desire! 

Here are some key points to fill in the gaps on this issue: Set to high, the oven heats up to the 400’s in 20 to 30 minutes, depending on the environment. This means, the actual temp gauge on the outside of the door will read between 400°F and 500°F within 30 minutes. If your oven is reaching gauge temperatures in this range, the oven is working perfectly.

Complete your outdoor living space today!

The Pacific Living Outdoor Gas Oven will be the new heart of your outdoor kitchen!

Pacific Living Black POwder Coat Outdoor Oven

 Pacific Living Black Powdercoat Outdoor Oven on Cart

Pacific Living 304SS Outdoor Oven

Its Official we are a Big Green Egg Dealer

Come visit our South Florida showroom for all your Big Green Egg needs. From Eggs to Eggcessories, we have it all. * Please note that Big Green Egg is not allowed to be sold online. Do not let anyone try to convince you otherwise. *Above : Large Egg in a Challenger Cabinet

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Twin Eagles Outdoor Kitchen

This outdoor kitchen features a Twin Eagles 36" Grill, Double Side Burner and Bar Center and a Delta Heat Refrigerator

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The Ultimate Alfresco Outdoor Kitchen

This Outdoor Kitchen raises the bar in outdoor entertaining. Features : 42" Alfresco Grill - Alfresco Versa Burner - Alfresco Versa Sink - Alfresco Refrigerator/Beer Tap - Perlick Refrigerator Drawers

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What is the difference between the Solaire Anywhere and the Everywhere Portable Infrared Grills?

There are five main differences between the Anywhere and the Everywhere:1) Weight The Anywhere (SOL-IR17B) weighs 20 lbs.while the Everywhere (SOL-EV-17A) weighs 15 lbs.2) Gauge of Stainless Steel The Anywhere is made from a thick 20 gauge stainless steel; the Everywhere is made from thinner 24 gauge stainless steel.3) SizeThe Anywhere is 3" taller larger than the [...]

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Delta Heat + Challenger Designs = Badass Outdoor Kitchen Packages

Coming in Early April, we have a new series of Challenger Designs Outdoor Kitchens that include Delta Heat Grills taking your patio and outdoor dining and entertainment to a new level.Both 

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Dangers of Incorrect Grill Installation

When having a custom outdoor kitchen built you have to be sure that the person you have building it knows how to build structures that are safe for gas. So often we are called out to peoples homes to repair grills or tear down and rebuilt Grill Islands because they were damaged in a gas explosion. [...]

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Don't wait for Spring to Fix your Grill ... The time is now!

Why wait for spring to fix your grill. What happens when we put our house chores off? We leave the task to be completed when we really have a nice juicy steak to put on the bbq.What you should do first is remove all your grill parts from the inside of the fire box.2. Take a dry [...]

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Why am I getting a low Flame out of my burners?

We receive many service calls for people experiencing a low flame out of their grill burners 1. Check your LP Tank (If it has a triangle valve on it, it is equipped with a safety valve over-fill protection device that is designed to shut down if the tank is filled with too much gas or there [...]

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Saffire Grill & Smoker, a real gem of a Ceramic Kamado

The Saffire charcoal fired, ceramic grill and smoker has the most advanced features in its class. With precision flame control the Saffire Grill can produce delicious gourmet results every time. Whether you’re a championship barbecue competitor or simply a novice smoking enthusiast, the Saffire Grill will provide some of the most exceptional results possible on any barbecue smoker available today. The tight seal and heavy [...]

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