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Sedona by Lynx L500 Review

Have a built-in Sedona by Lynx grill shine as the centerpiece for your outdoor grilling experience. The L500 is a two burner, 30" grill available in either 2 Stainless U Burners (L500) or a Hybrid One Stainless U and One Prosear (L500PS) as well as with or without Rotisserie Back-burner.  Manufactured by in the USA by Lynx Professional Grills [...]

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Delta Heat DHBQ38 Grill Review

The Delta Heat Grill Model DHBQ38 is a USA Made 3 burner grill that is manufactured by Twin Eagles. This grill is Made in California and is one of the leading Mid Range priced grills. You can feel the quality as soon as you lift the hood.There are 3 different model configurations; DHBQ38G-C, DHBQ38R-C and DHBQ38RS-C In the infographic [...]

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Blaze vs Summerset vs Bonfire

Comparison of 3 Popular Imported Grill Brands Blaze BLZ-4LTE, Summerset Sizzler PRO 32 and Bonfire 34"All three of these imported grills have similar features. They all use cast stainless burners and flame thrower ignition. The biggest difference is the heat distribution system. This alone is why we favor the Summerset Grill over the other two. They use ceramic briquette trays [...]

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Twin Eagles vs Delta Heat

In this info graphic, we will compare the features of the Twin Eagles vs Delta Heat Grill. Both are manufactured by the same award winning US manufacturer so you are getting a superior quality product. Comparing them is hard as they are 2 very different products. Twin Eagles is the Lexus to Delta Heat Toyota. Though Twin [...]

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Artisan vs Sedona by Lynx vs Delta Heat

In this info-graphic we wanted to compare USA Made 3 Mid Range Luxury Grill Models (Artisan, Sedona by Lynx and Delta Heat) that are Made in the USA. This is paramount when determining quality in the outdoor grill market. These grills are manufactured by world class outdoor appliance manufacturers who are known for quality and performance. These [...]

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The Grill Guide

So you're in the market for a new grill? Which do you choose? Where do you go to get the grill? In this guide we will help you through the process.You may want to first ask yourself these questions :What fuel source am I looking for? Gas (LP or Natural Gas), Charcoal, Wood Pellet, Kamado ... [...]

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Lynx Sedona L600F vs Weber Summit S-670

   Comparison : Sedona by Lynx L600 36" Freestanding Grill vs Weber S-670 Grill on Cart                   Model L600FR S-670 Gas Type Propane or Natural Gas Propane or Natural Gas ($30 more) Configuration on Cart on Cart Number of Main Burners 3 6 Main Grilling Area (sq in) 618 624 Infrared Sear Zone Optional N/A Burner Type Stainless U Burner Tube Main Burner BTUs 23,000 10,000 Cooking Grates Stainless Rod Stainless Rod Smoker Box No Yes Ignition Electronic Ignition with Battery [...]

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Alfresco U Burner Replacement - AGBQ, LX2, ALXE

Replacing the U Burner in an Alfresco Replacing the burner in Alfresco Grills is an easy do it yourself task. Most importantly, you need to know which burner. There are OEM and aftermarket available all 3 series of grills (AGBQ, ALX2 and ALXE)Which model do I have?  The easiest way to tell is by these key features [...]

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Lynx Grill Serial and Model Number Location

Nothing is more frustrating than ordering an replacement part and it doesn't fit. To save this frustration, we always say take a little time to gather the information you need to determine what parts you need. So they are ordered correctly  the first time.In Lynx (and many grills) the model number is just not enough. Knowing [...]

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Alfresco Artisan ARTP-36 vs Sedona by Lynx L600R 36" Built-in Grill

   Comparison Alfresco Artisan 36" vs Sedona by Lynx 36" Grill                     Model ARTP-36 L600R Grill Size 36" 36" Configuration Built-in Built-in Number of Main Burners 3 3 Main Grilling Area (sq in) 603 618 Infrared Sear Zone Optional Optional Burner Type Stainless U Burner Stainless U Burner Main Burner BTUs 20,000 23,000 Cooking Grates Stainless Rod Stainless Rod Smoker Box No No Ignition Push Button with 110v  Electronic Ignition with Battery Backup Hood Assist Yes Yes Interior Lights One One Control Panel Lighting Yes (Blue LED) Yes (Blue LED) Rotisserie Motor External External Rotisserie [...]

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