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Replacing your DCS 27 Built in Grill with an Alfresco Artisan 26 with trim kit

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DCS 27" Built-in Grill   Artisan 26" Built-in Grill

If you have a DCS 27" Built in Grill and are not sure to whether to repair or replace your bbq, we have both solutions for you. 

The DCS 27" Built-in Grill was an extremely popular bbq before it was discontinued. The 27" had 2 burners. This grill had two different types of burners in it (cast iron and later upgraded to stainless steel U)

Most OEM Parts are still available for the DCS grill. If you want to see how to repair your DCS Grill Click Here.

We feel it is time to replace the grill when cost to rebuild outweighs the value of purchasing a new one.  Keep in mind that replacement parts do not carry a warranty thus leaving you with no protection on your investment. 

Cost of replacing bbq parts vs a new Artisan Grill

Burners- $179.90 Aftermarket / OEM each $412 - $480 depending on the model grill

Radiant Tray and Ceramic Rollers - $139.90 aftermarket tray (OEM $168.00) plus $239.80 ceramic rollers

Warming Rack - $178.50

Valves - $94.92

Ignition- starting at $17.96 depending on the spark generator used

Be sure to check the manifold of your DCS grills these are obsolete on many models. When the manifold (this is the metal tubing that the valves are connected to and supply the gas to the valves) goes bad the grill must be replaced.

The Alfresco Artisan 26" Built-in Grill with trim kit is an aesthetically appealing perfect fit.  The Alfresco Artisan 26" Built-in grill is a Made in the U.S.A. two burner grill boasting 20,000 BTU's per burner. The Grill line is the younger child of Alfresco Professional Grills. The Artisan line encompasses the same quality you expect from the Alfresco line... just slightly scaled down in features. The grill utilizes a briquette tray to not only evenly spread the heat across the grill but the ceramic holds the heat to radiate across the grilling surface.The ignition is a 9 volt system, eliminating any need to electricity. The stainless steel warming rack has a two position setting so you can lift it up and out of the way when grilling.

Artisan Warranty :

15 years – Stainless U Burners.
10 Years – All Stainless Steel Parts.
3 Years – Briquette Trays (ceramic briquettes excluded).
1 Year – Ignition Systems (Batteries excluded) and Thermometer

DCS Replacement Parts Warranty - None

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