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One of the Best Features of All Great Backyard are the BBQ Grills


How do you use your backyard? Is it just a place where the dog and kids run around? If you have the desire to turn your backyard into something amazing, like your personal oasis, you will need a few necessities. Here are the elements you will need to turn your now ordinary backyard into a place you never want to leave.

One of the best features of all great backyard are the BBQ grills. Whether you choose a freestanding gas grill or have a BBQ grill built in, you need a grill to help complete your perfect backyard. You can choose from an Alfresco gas grill or a Firemagic built in grill, it really doesn’t matter as long as you have a grill.

Add some special ambience to your backyard and keep warm in the coolness of the evenings with an outdoor fireplace or fire pit. Fire pits are great for those evenings when you entertain, great for making s'mores and provide light for evening recreational activities. Fire pits are appealing and rather easy to maintain.

While it is quite easy to break out a few folding chairs when entertaining in your backyard, you might want to consider a more attractive and permanent solution to seating issues. You might want to think about adding a sofa, loveseat or chairs made of sturdy, weatherproof material, like wicker for example. Add pillows, cushions and other adornments and you have seating that looks simply splendid.

With your BBQ grill, couch and fire pit in place, you will be the envy of the neighborhood. 

We are Going to Give You Some Tips on Storing Your BBQ Grills

It was a sad day indeed come late fall on that fateful day when you put away your grill for the winter. But wait, this year was just a little different. For fans of the Denver Broncos, a trip to the Super Bowl meant dragging out that gas grill and putting it to use to [...]

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Now Would be the Best Time to Buy Those Twin Eagles or Weber Grill Parts You Need

Nothing beats a great barbecue. Whether you are grilling for the family or for friends or for a party, grilling is a fantastic way to prepare all sorts of foods. We know it’s still winter and many of you are waiting for warmer weather to break out the grill. Or maybe your grill isn’t in [...]

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Tips to Follow Before Breaking Out the BBQ Grills on Super Bowl Sunday

Were you aware that Super Bowl Sunday is the biggest winter grilling day of the year? That’s right fellow BBQ grillers, it is time to shed that BBQ grill cover from your Alfresco grill and fire it up for the big game on February 7. In fact, the Super Bowl is a great excuse to [...]

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There are Any Number of Foods You Can Cook With BBQ Grills That Can Also be Smoked

There are any number of foods you can cook with BBQ grills. From meats to vegetables to dessert items, BBQ grills offer the food enthusiast any number of tasty food combinations to complete entire meals. But when it comes to smokers, we tend to limit the foods we smoke to the basic meats, like ribs [...]

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The Magic Hour

The RH Peterson company has been manufacturing Fire Magic Grills for over 75 years. When only the best will do, the Echelon Diamond series has positioned itself as an uber luxurious powerhouse.Fire Magic has some of the industry's most exclusive features:Cast stainless steel “E” burners Optional Infra-red Burners 16-gauge stainless steel flavor grids Heat zone separators create cooking zones [...]

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All You Can Think About is the Sizzling Meat Coming Off Your Twin Eagles BBQ Grill

You enjoy a good grilling. There are days you sit at work not getting anything accomplished because all you can think about is the sizzling meat coming off your Twin Eagles BBQ grill. This only causes problems because co-workers give you funny looks as your eyes glaze over and drool drips from the corner of [...]

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We Sell Everything Related to BBQ Grills Including BBQ Grills, BBQ Grill Parts and All the Accessories Any Grilling Enthusiast Could Ever Hope to Have Stuffed in Their Christmas Stocking

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Whether They are Alfresco Grills, Twin Eagles Grills or Weber Grills, Our Country Loves Their BBQ Grills

Whether they are Alfresco grills, Twin Eagles Grills or Weber grills, our country loves their BBQ grills as much as they love the foods we cook on our BBQ grills. But if you are planning a weekend of BBQ magic and are headed to the store, you will need to buy more than just a [...]

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It Doesn’t Matter if You Use Gas Grills or Charcoal Grills to Prepare Your BBQ Party Meats, as Long as You are Playing the Right Music

In our last post , we offered tips that will help you throw the most awesome BBQ party ever. We talked about food, games and the type of music to play at your party. Today, we are going to delve a little deeper into the question of appropriate music to play at your BBQ party. To make [...]

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