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Grill Tube Burner Installation


Tube Burner Installation Instructions

 ** TURN OFF GAS SUPPLY. No Smoking or Open Flame. ** 

1. Remove old burner. There may be screws, pins or other fastening devices that is holding the burner in place. Note your disassembly as your reassembly is the opposite procedure.

Note : Now is the perfect time to clean debris, accumulated grease and food in the grills interior

2. Install New Burner. Refasten as originally installed. The new burner should go over the valve orifice (See Figure A)

3. Test Burner. Turn on the gas and light the replaces burner noting the flame pattern. Wait several seconds. The flame should be even and mostly blue, it is normal to see some yellowness. (See Figure B)


If adjustment is necessary, be sure the burner has cooled. Loosen the air shutter screw and rotate the air shutter slowly in either direction until the correct flame is attained. Retighten the screw.

OEM and Aftermarket Grill Parts

There are essentially "2" types of grill replacement parts on the market - OEM and Aftermarket.OEM is the original equipment manufacturer part that, ironically, may not have even been manufactured by the company, especially if they outsourced the manufacturing of their grill. They are not necessarily "better quality." Sometimes they are really expensive and sometimes [...]

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Considering a Big Green Egg?

Here are some comparisons when considering the incredible value you get with the Big Green Egg :If you have a traditional charcoal grill.With a traditional metal charcoal grill it’s hard to control the temperature, it’s hard to cook food for long periods of time without adding fuel, and it’s hard to keep your food from [...]

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Where do I find the serial number on my TEC Infrared Grill

The serial number of your grill begins with an abbreviation of your TEC grill model.Here's how you locate your serial number :Cherokee - Back side of grill on a metal plateCherokee FR - Right side of grill on a clear stickerG Sport FR - Right side of grill on a clear stickerPatio - Backside on a [...]

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Trusted and Untrusted Grill Brands

During the big grilling season (summertime) we get inundated with calls from folks who cannot find specific parts for their grills. These parts usually consist of drip trays, valves, warming racks and handles. 100% of the time they are calling about private labeled grills. We hear and feel the frustration from these customers as they generally [...]

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Modern Luxury Outdoors

Modern design is taking the construction industry by storm. Modern homes are popping up all over the country. The BBQ Depot is mastering this modern look for outdoors. WIth waterfall edged tops made from granite or our newest material by Dekton we are taking the modern look tp a new level. Adding a stainless steel face [...]

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The Best Luxury Gas Grills - Part 2

In an effort to provide the most experienced (over 50 years) and professional opinion on the best gas grills in the luxury category, after Alfresco Grills, we have selected Twin Eagles as our number two choice.Dante Cantal, the founder of Twin Eagles is an award winning Gas Engineer with more than 30 years in the gas grill [...]

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The Best Luxury Gas Grills - Part 1

We at The BBQ Depot have been in the Gas Grill Business since 1956 and have specialized only in Gas Grills. If you are in the Luxury Barbeque market the two top brands that are made in the USA are Alfresco and Twin Eagles.These two companies have been manufacturing gas grills for decades. Ironically, the founder [...]

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Fire Up Your BBQ Grills in Anticipation of Yet Another Great Grilling Season

Spring, the time of year when outdoor cooks from all over the United States fire up their BBQ grills in anticipation of yet another great grilling season. But if you want to be a true master griller, you need to mix it up a bit. Sure, you grill a mean burger and your baby back [...]

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