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How to install an oval burner with dual venturi tubes


Oval Burners (also known as bar burners) were used in many gas grills including Charbroil, Sunbeam, Thermos and more. Most grills that are over 12 years old used some sort of oval burner either with a single or dual venturi tubes. These burners are still available for these older grills as well as they are a popular choice for universal burner replacement kits as they will fit many grills that have one or two controls at the front control panel.

We used a Char-Broil Grill in our video tutorial to demonstrate how to install a oval bar burner but this can be applied to any grill that used these style burners.

When changing your burner make sure that the gas is turned off and that the grill is completely cool. Remove the cooking grates and heat distribution system that sits above the burner. In this Char-Broil grill they used a vaporizing shield. Remove the old burner. And replace with the new burner. Be sure that the venturi tubes sit over the orifice valves. Replace the rock grate or heat bars and the cooking surface and you are ready to grill.

Along with Oval burners, H burners we also a popular style burner. Both of these burners used a single or dual venturi tubes that attached to the bottom of the burner. Single venturi tubes are used on grills with one valve or control and dual venturi tubes are used with dual controls and valves. 

It is time to replace your burner when the holes begin to split causing the oval burner to literally break in half.  Always inspect the holes around your burner to be sure they are in tact.

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Has Your Grill Gone Wild?

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