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  1. Search your model number, part number, or brand or part-type (above).
  2. Examine the potential replacement part's picture carefully in comparison to the original.
  3. If the dimensions are not close, don't buy the part. Instead, get in touch with our grill specialists.

Popular part types include

Common Issues

Model not listed?

If your model is not listed in the description of the part, remove the parts you are looking to replace and measure them.

There is still a good chance that you can find a replacement in the part specific category and confirming dimensions. We always recommend measuring your part.

Identifying Your Grills Model Number or Brand

Use the information sticker or upload a photo to our experts.

The sticker can be in various locations and always in the manual. Check under the grease tray, inside the doors, behind control panel, and the back of grill.

Other Tips

Extending Life

Removing and cleaning your parts at least twice a year will increase the part's life.

Don't see the part you're looking for?

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Popular brands include

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The ignition lights the BBQ. It is made up the spark generator, collector box and ignition wires.

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Other Parts


The burners are where the flames come out of. They can be made of Brass, Stainless Steel or Cast Iron and come in many shapes.

By keeping the holes surrounding the burner uniform and free from grease you will extend the life of the burner!

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Heat Plates

This is the main heat distribution system in your grill and evenly spread a flame across the cooking surface.

We stock a number of heat angles, Briquette trays, Radiants, and rock grates.

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Cooking Grates

The Cooking Grates are the main surface where you rest your food to cook.

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Grill Repair Resources

Connect with a Grill Specialist

For any BBQ questions you may have you can speak with a Gas Grill Parts Specialist at 877-983-0451 during business hours OR submit your question below. If helpful, upload your images with your question.

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