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A barbecue grilling center done right can transform an ordinary backyard into an extraordinary paradise. The BBQ Depot has curated thousands of Outdoor Kitchens for happy customers across the country. We understand the tricks of the trade and want to help you create the Ultimate Grilling Experience.

Explore our prefab, outdoor kitchen appliance and storage products and learn more about creating your dream backyard!

Custom Outdoor Kitchens

Our built to order (PREFAB) custom outdoor kitchens are available anywhere in the Continental US or on-sight in Southern Florida. We are the experts in the BBQ Grill Industry & excel at providing the ultimate outdoor kitchen bbq experience and take pride in being a recommended outdoor kitchen supplier.

All this elegance and sophistication is completely customized to your needs. Custom Grilling Island have limitless combination's of designs, colors and finishes, there is a grill entertainment center that is perfect for your yard, we like to call it the "home resort or outdoor oasis".

With any outdoor kitchen, the central focus is the grill. This is where you will spend many summer afternoons and evenings serving up dinner to your family or hosting a party with all of your closest friends. If you are going to have an outdoor kitchen, you want the right outdoor kitchen grill that can handle the amount of food you need to prepare for the biggest occasions.

Our Built-in Brands Include: Alfresco, Lynx, Solaire Grills, Fire Magic, Twin Eagles, TEC Infrared, Sedona and more.

Outdoor Kitchen Accessories

You maybe wondering, what outdoor kitchen accessories are available besides the grill?

There are tons of accessories & outdoor kitchen equipment you can add to enhance to your outdoor kitchen experience in various ways:

Side Burners : A side burner acts like your indoor stove or cook top but its outdoors. It will allow you prepare a side dish without going inside and give you the ease of having a small stove while cooking outside.

Access Doors : Used below gas grills for access to gas tanks and connections and below sinks for access to plumbing and can also be used for storage.

Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets: Outdoor kitchen cabinets & storage drawers are often used for your grilling utensils & any outdoor kitchen cooking equipment, making it very easy to keep everything in its place and easily accessible.

Warming Drawer : If you like to keep food warm, a Warming Drawer is perfect for you. It is thermostatically controlled, the temperature ranges from 175 to 230 degrees.

Trash Bins : Keep all the garbage in one place.

Keg Dispensers : If you are a beer lover this is a “must have” item. It comes under counter, all you see is the keg dispenser, and you can feel like you have your own bar at home.

Ice makers/Refrigerators : If you are consistently using ice or needing to keep items cool while outside, an ice maker and/or outdoor refrigerator is a great option for you.

Paper towel holders : This is a decorative item for your outdoor kitchen it gives it a touch of class and it comes in Stainless Steel.

Here is more information on choosing the right appliances for your outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor Kitchen Resources

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Pro Tips for Creating an Epic Outdoor Kitchen

1. Choosing The Right Location

Are you planning an entirely self-sufficient outdoor kitchen?

If so, you'll need to choose a location with both running water and electricity for cooking and refrigeration purposes, this will permit you to run basic appliances and refrigeration units.

Consider having enough light over the counter tops and the working surfaces.

2. Design Considerations

The design is always up to you, but should keep in mind typical zones needed like:

  • Preparation
  • Cooking
  • Plating
  • Serving

Plan to have enough working space and arrange everything in a convenient way. You should have easy and direct access to both the sink and the grill to maximize your efficiency and comfort.

3. A few questions to ask yourself:

  • How many cabinets or drawers are you going to need for storage purposes?
  • How do you plan to shape the counter tops and the storage units located underneath?
  • Do you want to enjoy family-style cooking?

    If so, consider the placement of the sink on the end of the counter top. This allows people to use the running water without bumping into each other. Placing a mini-fridge in the corner can also help.

4. Appliances, Functionality, and Technology

Building Out Your Setup

We recommend you compare functionalities and look at things like

  • Number Of Drawers / Cabinets (Grills, Bars etc.)
  • Appliance Features & Specifications
  • The Finish & Materials Used

    Granite and marble are two standard options for clean and sophisticated counter tops. Stone decorations give the kitchen a rustic appeal and a lot of character.

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