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Why The BBQ Depot is the Outdoor Kitchen Experts


We, at TheBBQDepot.com, consider ourselves experts in Outdoor Kitchens. We help customers choose the right equipment and design for their budget. We have been the grill and propane industry since 1956 and have been building outdoor kitchens in South Florida for over 20 years as well as servicing grills for over 30 years. We are South Florida's builder's choice for designing and building outdoor kitchens!  

We are well versed in every brand on the market and know what will and will not hold up in various weather conditions (I mean we are a State that is surrounded by water, salty air and have alot of people with chlorinated pools). We also service grills, thereby giving us first hand knowledge on which grills hold up and those that have parts to repair them as well as how easily those parts are attained.

We, unlike many other Outdoor Kitchen Equipment resellers, have chosen not to import a Chinese grill and put a name on it. We choose to represent the Best of the Best in the gas grill industry whom have decades of experience and knowledge in engineering, designing and manufacturing outdoor gas equipment. Not those who are willing to put their faith in imported products (we have provided our expert opinion to dozens of insurance claims where imported products have failed). Keep in mind that hundreds of thousands of imported grill are recalled every year. Unfortunately, we can import anything without upholding the strict manufacturing practices required by US grill makers. We are not married to any grill manufacturer and select only the best products with the best warranty and customer service.

When building an outdoor kitchen, think your grill and your structure are getting married. The cutouts for all of your equipment will last forever, even if your grill will not. So, when we suggest grill products we will generally suggest a USA manufactured product for a number of reasons. If you have to replace your grill, it is nearly impossible to find an "exact" fit for your cutout further costing you additional money for modifications. We like to get it right the first time. I mean, you are making a substantial investment, no matter the budget. We look at people's money like our own and we like to direct you in choosing the best fit. You want to be sure you're buying quality products so you will not have make replace the product and having to make future modifications that can cost alot of money. We use the highest quality building materials when making our outdoor kitchens coupled with the highest quality products so you can have a lifetime of grilling. We provide all our outdoor kitchen equipment purchases with a complimentary design (as shown below).

Outdoor Kitchen Design

When selecting an imported grill, you are not always able to obtain grill repair parts. Especially when aftermarket parts my not be available. Remember aftermarket parts are available in burners, cooking grates, heat plates, ignition, limited valves, universal knobs. If you need drip trays, manifolds, firebox, etc you are out of luck.

There are many USA manufactured grills that do not break the bank. In South Florida, we believe that highest quality products are AlfrescoArtisanFireMagicLynxDelta HeatDelSolNapoleon and Twin Eagles. These have proven to withstand the harsh weather environment of South Florida as well as have unprecedented warranties. 

When you call us at 877-983-0451 for your outdoor kitchen needs, just give us your budget and we can supply you with a design and suggestions. 

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