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Artisan ARTP-36 Grill Review

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Many luxury Grill manufacturers are expanding their product offerings by introducing BBQ Brands that are more affordable, yet high quality. This is because of the influx of imported grills. Imported grills do not have the reliability or often parts availability that you find in US made products. We often find that imported or private label grills that are imported lack in quality. In addition, when parts are not available or the Brand becomes obsolete, you may find yourself having to throw the grill away. In a built-in situation, you can find yourself incurring expensive island modification costs when there is not another grill to fits its space. 

This created a great opportunity for the luxury grill market. These US manufacturers want to offer consumers a high quality product that is made in the US. Alfresco designs and manufactures a brand called Artisan.The Artisan brand is made in the USA and offers many of the same features of their parent grill.

In this category of mid-priced luxury grills, there is Sedona (manufactured by Lynx) and Delta Heat (manufactured by Twin Eagles. Though with the Delta Heat there is not a 36" Grill). The Sedona L600R which is a 36" Grill with Rotisserie on a cart is $3479 and built-in is $2879. With the Sedona, you cannot remove a Stainless Burner and replace with a ProSear or vice versa. So, you will need to be sure which set up you are looking for. 

Artisan ARTP-36C Gas Grill

The 36" ARTP Grill is part of the Professional Series (there is also an American Eagle series which does not have a rotisserie backburner or an in interior light.) This grill has (3) powerful 20,000 BTU Stainless Steel U-Burners Burners and be either Built-in or on a Freestanding Cart

Just its parent grill, the Burner features unique double row, center fed tube for greater combustion and even heat. The ignition is a powerful plug-in 110v electronic igniter for fast and reliable lighting. The wiring has a heat-resistant encasing.

Artisan Briquette Trays

These grills utilize a briquette tray heat distribution (just like Alfresco). They feature 1/2” thick ceramic briquettes that provides  even heat across the entire grilling area. Their briquette trays offer stabilizer bars that hold the briquettes in place. This is great if you want to turn the tray upside down and self clean the briquettes by burning off any left over grease.

What's great about ceramic is that it holds and radiates even heat.

The cooking grates are made of heavy gauge stainless steel making the easy to maintain and create some beautiful grill marks. 

The Warming rack is made of solid stainless steel and has two-position and a third that stores out of the way when it is not in use.

The control panel is recessed to protect the control knobs and the switches from the elements.

What makes the Alfresco Grill unique is their air curtain design. They added this amazing feature to the Artisan line.  It keeps control knobs cool to the touch even when the lid is closed.


The grill is beautifully crafted with a seamless welded double skin hood and hand-polished accents. Making this grill a true work of art.

The ignition and lighting switches are made of a high quality Stainless steel push-buttons and are integrated into the side of the  front control panel.

You can easily lift the hood with one finger with the stainless steel heavy-duty spring assist.

Standard on all Artisan grill models is a thermometer that is built into the hood so you can accurately reach your desired temps. 

Inside the grill is an integrated halogen work light that allows you to see if you are grilling later in the day and has a removable lens for easy cleaning.

This model features a flush rear infrared rotisserie that will get to 1,500 degrees  and includes a heavy-duty 50-lb torque motor turns so your food turns consistent and smooth.

Artisan Infrared Sear Burner 

The Artisan is one of a few manufacturers (Delta Heat is the other) that offer a "plug-n-play" style infrared burner as an option. The Infrared Searing Burner gets to really high temperatures that caramelize food in a flash and lock in their juicy flavor. Easily change your U-Burner with this searing burner for an added feature to your grill. And if you do not want to sear you can easily switch back to the conventional burner. This is a great feature as we get many customers wanting to change the prosear in their Sedona by Lynx grill and they cannot.

If you should choose the stainless steel cart, it features a 20 lb propane tank slide-out tray and heavy-duty locking casters. The cart ships fully assembled for ease.

This grill is one of the easiest grills to use and maintain and it is manufactured by the industry's most innovate grill manufacturer in this country. You know you are buying a quality product when you invest in an Artisan Grill. There is also a 32" available. 

If you do not need all the bells and whistles (rotisserie or lights) the American Eagle would be a great choice. It comes in 2 sizes 26, 32. The American Eagle does not require electricity and uses a 9 volt battery ignition. The burners and briquette trays are the same.

Why we love this grill:

1. High Quality, Great Price, Unparalleled Performance

2. Made in the USA

3. Manufactured by the world's leading grill manufacturer - Alfresco

4. Great Warranty - 15 years – Stainless Steel Burners, 10 Years – All Stainless Steel Parts, 3 Years – Briquette Trays Only (excludes briquettes)

5. Easy to Maintain

6. Restaurant Quality Grilling Experience

See our comparison of the Artisan vs Delta Heat Grills

Bottom line, if you are looking for a fully loaded model, this is the grill for you. It is best in it class for a 36" bbq. This grills hold up amazing in the harsh elements in South Florida which is why it gets our seal of approval.

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