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We understand what makes for a quality grill, as we have serviced every type since 1956! We stock only grills that we would use ourselves, and recommend U.S. manufactured grills.

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BBQ Depot carries the ultimate selection of natural gas grills and propane grills, with dozens of our favorite U.S. manufactured brands.

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All grills qualify for free shipping when located within the continental United States, and come with our lowest price guarantee.

Propane & Natural Gas

Our gas grills are available in both LP (Liquid Propane), and Natural Gas selected on the product page.

Gas Grill Fuel Types

There are pros and cons to any option that you choose. Propane gas grills offer incredible portability and flexibility, as the free-standing tanks can be used anywhere. Natural gas grills are a great investment if you're looking for a more permanent fixture, and they enable you to enjoy the maximum cost savings over time.

Liquid Propane

Liquid Propane (LP Gas) is a clean-burning and ultra-efficient way to power your BBQ grill. These are often referred to as bottled gas. They are the bottles of gas you will find at your hardware store. They can also be bulk tanks where they are installed above or below ground.  

Natural Gas

Natural Gas is piped gas from your home, apartment or business and is heavier than air. If you already have natural gas in your home, but do not have it plumbed to your gas grill, a certified gas technician should be able to run the lines for a gas BBQ grill. Your plumber will use the grills BTU output to determine the proper line diameter that your grill requires as too little can affect operation.

How long do BBQ's last?

US Manufactured Grills can last a lifetime while imported grills can last 2-3 years. It also depends on the quality of the grill, how well its cared for and availability of replacement parts.

Extending A Grills Lifetime

Periodically clean your burners, heat disbursement system (flame tamers, heat shields, etc) and your cooking grates. Imported grills will have the greatest challenge of obtaining replacement parts. These will be limited to the offerings of the aftermarket. Keep in mind drip trays are often never a part option in the aftermarket yet it is a widely replaced item.

Grill Shopping Resources

Grill Shopping FAQ's

1. Which Fuel Source is best? 

Propane (LP Bottled) Gas, Natural Gas (Piped underground), Charcoal, Wood Pellet or Electricity

2. Which do I buy Freestanding (Cart with Wheels) vs. Built-In?

If you are looking to build an outdoor kitchen, you will need a Built-in Grill. If you do not have the space for an outdoor kitchen or just simply want the mobility, a freestanding (cart) grill would be the best option

3. What Grill Size should I buy?

It is best to look at the overall grill size versus the number of burners. This is because if a grill has 6 burners, the size of the grill may be very different if the burners are straight tubes or if they are U shaped, which take up more space.

If you are just grilling for 2 people, a 24-26" grill (left to right) would be a good size while a family of 4 may want to consider a 30 to 34" grill. If you are one who has a big family or hosts many BBQ parties, you may want a grill larger than 36" in width.

4. How do I choose the Best Burner Style?

Standard gas burners are called blue (or Open) flame burners. This is because you can visually see a blue flame coming from the port holes of the burner.

They come in many different shapes (straight, H shaped, U shaped) and materials (stainless steel, cast iron, cast brass, cast ceramic).

There are also infrared burners. These still operate using gas. They provide intense heat for searing food. These burners generally reach temperatures over 1000 degrees. In addition, they will reach high temps significantly faster (just a few minutes) than blue flame burners (7-10 minutes)!

5. Which grills have the least flare-ups?

Flare-ups will happen on any grill especially when grilling with fatty foods or excess sauces. Though they can be minimized with some proper cleaning. Pro Tip : If you used alot of sauces or fatty meats, brush off not only your cooking grates but also your heat diffusing system (Briquette Tray, flame tamer or heat angles).  

6. Which Grills are Made in the USA ?

In our experience, any gas appliance manufactured in the USA has a superior quality in relation to imported products. If you are looking for your grill to last more than a few years, we suggest choosing a grill manufactured in the US. Some of these brands include : Lynx, Sedona, Artisan, Alfresco, AOG, Firemagic, Delta Heat, Twin Eagles, Solaire and more.

If you are looking for a throw away grill (one that lasts 3-4 years) then an imported grill may better serve your purpose.

7. What type of Budget do I need?

This is super important when purchasing your grill. If you are building an outdoor kitchen, please set aside a good portion of your budget for the grill. So many times, people will skimp on the grill and they need to replace it because it has rotted. Be sure you are choosing a reputable Manufacturer (not Brand). Many Brands do not manufacture their grills. You cannot have control over the quality product you are manufacturing if you outsource it.

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