Alfresco AGBQ OEM Burner 510-0025 vs Aftermarket Burner

Our video will demonstrate the differences between the OEM Alfresco AGBQ 510-0025 Burner and the Aftermarket Burner.

They key difference between the OEM and aftermarket Alfresco burner is the support bracket. This bracket keeps the burner secure from any movement. Both aftermarket parts manufacturers designed their burner primarily for the ALX2 grill. 

The OEM AGBQ Burner has a support bracket with pin to seat in the grill. Without this bracket you can see that burner is unsteady and wobbles.

Alfresco AGBQ OEM vs Aftermarket Burner

The LX2 and ALXE series grill use a support bracket that was welded to the back of the firebox where the burner securely seats in the grooves of the bracket. Therefore, the aftermarket burner is a perfect replacement for both the ALX2 and the ALXE grills.

Although the aftermarket will work in the AGBQ, it is not recommended due to the wobbling. This will interfere with the electrodes lighting the grill as well as even cooking.

We always like to offer an aftermarket replacement part option as well as the OEM because often the aftermarket can be considerably lower in price though they may not always be an exact fit as in the case of the AGBQ grills.

by Tracy Hollander on 15th Mar 2017
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