Alfresco ALXE-42 vs Lynx L42R

What are the Top Two 42" Grills in the Market?

We will compare our top two selling 42" Grills - Alfresco ALXE 42" vs Lynx 42" Grill    

        Alfresco ALXE-42

        Lynx L42R-1

Model ALXE-42
Grill Size 42" 42"
Configuration Built-in Built-in
Number of Main Burners 3 3
Main Grilling Area (sq in) 770 855
Infrared Sear Zone No No
Burner Type Stainless 18-8SR U Burner Cast Ceramic
Main Burner BTUs 27,500 25,000
Smoker Burner Yes No
Smoker Box Integrated Box
Ignition Push Button with 110v A/C Hot Surface 
Hood Assist Spiral Torsion Spring
Interior Lights Dual Halogen Dual Halogen
Control Panel Lighting Yes (Amber Lights) Yes (Blue LED)
Rotisserie Motor Integrated External
Rotisserie Burner BTUs 18500 16000
Heat Distribution System Ceramic Briquettes Ceramic Briquettes
Temperature Gauge Analog Analog
Alternate Fuel Insert  Optional Accessory
Cutout Width 40.5″ 41″
Cutout Depth 23″ 25.5″
Cutout Height 10.25″ 10 7/8″
Grill Cover  Included No
Price    $5669 $6489

The Alfresco ALXE-42 and the Lynx L42R are the markets best selling luxury built-in gas grills for outdoor kitchens in its class. They have some similar features but, all in all, Alfresco still leads the marketplace in innovation, design and style. It is also a much hotter grill than the Lynx (82,500 BTU's vs 75,000 BTU's)

Alfresco is an easier grill to maintain and repair (if needed). Lynx has some complicated components in its electrical design that can take hours to repair and if you need to hire a technician to do the repairs the labor charge can add up quick. Alfresco's simplistic engineering make repairs quick and easy. Lynx was originally designed and manufactured by the founders of Alfresco. 

Burner Style - Cast Ceramic Burners vs Stainless Steel Burners 

We always say the least amount of maintenance the better. These Cast Ceramic Burners lead Alfresco in Innovation, Design and Maintenance. This exclusive Cordiarite Ceramic is not only a self-cleaning burner but it burns hotter with more even and consistent heat. This burner requires no maintenance. This means no more port hole cleaning. The Alfresco Burner will need care to ensure their longevity. Periodic removal and clearing the port holes of any debris will not only make the burners last longer but it will also keep your grills cooking function working properly.

The locking mechanism in Alfresco's briquette tray is a more functional design than the clips Lynx uses to keep their briquettes in place. It is quicker and easier to remove the locking bar and clean or replace the briquettes than the individual clips in Lynx design which can take some time. 

Alfresco's internal chain driven rotisserie motor eliminates the need to remove and store the motor after each use, which is recommended on any grill with an external rotisserie motor.

The biggest complaint we hear with gas grilling is the flavor. Many feel you cannot replicate the traditional barbecue flavor on a gas grill that you can on a charcoal grill. Seasoning plays a big role but, Alfresco's independent smoker burner heats an integrated smoker tray infusing wood or herbs throughout the grill. They also offer an alternate fuel insert optional accessory that allows you to grill with either wood or any alternate solid fuel of your choice.

Alfresco's exclusive air cooling curtain in the control panel circulates cool air between the firebox and the control panel to keep it cool to the touch. 

Alfresco includes a high quality grill cover to protect your investment. 

Alfresco's features well outweigh the difference in price.

Both of these grill lines offer an extensive selection of outdoor appliance accessories including Pizza Ovens, Power Burners, Side Burners and more. Everything you can dream of to make a truly commercial chef inspired outdoor kitchen. 

by Tracy Hollander on 18th Mar 2017

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