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Choosing the right grill for your needs can be a daunting task especially when there are so many grills and features available. There are many brands that do not meet our "Built-in" standards. If you have narrowed down your options to AOG or Blaze Grills, we are here to assist you in making the best choice.  

Blaze has gained increase popularity do to massive marketing campaigns. Many people do not realize that AOG is manufactured by one of the longest grill manufacturers in the US. 

The biggest difference between these two brands (besides years in business) is one is imported and one is Made in the USA. Can you guess which on is Made in America?

AOG (American Outdoor Grill)

AOG aka American Outdoor Grill is manufactured in the City of Industry, CA by RH Peterson. The same company that brings you Fire Magic Luxury Grills. Fire Magic was founded over 80 (1937) years ago by Harold Keck.

AOG was created to offer a premium product that was manufactured in the USA at an affordable price. 

AOG offers (3) sizes of Grills a two burner 24", three burner 30" and three burner 36" all offered with or without rotisserie backburner which are noted with an -00SP in the model number. 

These models are also available as Built-in units or on Portable Carts. You cannot remove the grill head off of the cart if you choose to build-in later.

The design of the AOG is truly beautiful. It has a sleek rounded hood (you can really feel the quality as soon as you lift it). The burners are a Stainless U shape and the heat disbursement system is a stainless vaporizing panel. One feature we love on the AOG Grills are the Diamond Sear Cooking Grates. The have a flat surface on top for more food to surface contact. These are the same grates found in the Fire Magic line. And just like with Fire Magic, the AOG size grills is the actual cooking width (left to right).

The AOG 24" has a cooking surface of 24 x 18 (432 sq in) and 32,000 total BTU's for the Main Burners and if you choose the rotisserie model, the backburner has 10,000 BTU's.

The AOG 30" has a cooking surface of 30 x 18 (540 sq in) and 45,000 total Main Burner BTU's and 12,000 for the optional rotisserie backburner.

The AOG 36" has a cooking surface of 36 x 18 (648 sq in) with 50,000 total main burner BTUs and optional 12,000 BTU rotisserie backburner.

AOG has 2 Levels of Grills : "T" series and "L" series

American Outdoor Grills

The T Series Grill is the most basic and affordable model in the AOG lineup. It does not have any bells and whistles. No lights and no electrical components. We prefer this model as the more electrical components on a grill, the more parts that will have to be replaced.

The T series would be most comparable to the Blaze Prelude LBM. The biggest difference in these grills is the burner. The AOG uses a 304 stainless U Burner whereas the Blaze Prelude uses a stainless round tube. We prefer the U burner over any tube burner. They perform better and generally outlast any round tube. 

Both grills use the same style heat disbursement system. AOG calls theirs Vaporizing Panels where Blaze calls theirs Flame Stabilizers. Essentially, a fancy name for a stainless heat shield that disperses the flames across the cooking surface. If you have followed us long enough, you know that we prefer the briquette system. So, in this circumstance, neither of these we recommend.

Both of these grills use a flame thrower valve ignition. AOG calls it a Rapid Light where Blaze calls theirs push and turn flame-thrower. They are exactly the same system. It is not our favorite ignition style as it is gas powered. The thought of using gas to ignite your burners while gas is coming out of the burner port holes is like a double whammy. In addition, the igniter electrode and wire is attached to the valve. If the electrode or wire burns out, on the Blaze the whole valve needs to be replaced where there is a electrode replacement for the AOG. Blaze used to offer it as a replacement part. Not sure why it was discontinued.

Another difference on these models is that Blaze is using a round rod stainless cooking grate vs the Diamond Grate on AOG. The Diamond Grate is a superior choice as it provides more consistent results.

Though there is a fairly substantial price difference between the two brands keep in mind the AOG is Made in America using superior components as well as the features of grills are better. It is worth saving up the difference!

Features of the T Series :

  • 304 Stainless Steel Construction
  • 304 Stainless U Burners
  • 304 Stainless Vaporizer Panels 
  • Seamless oven hood and control panel 
  • 304 stainless steel Diamond Sear cooking grids 
  • “Rapid Light” piezo ignition (Flame Thrower Valve)
  • Optional Rotisserie Backburner and kit 
  • Large Analog Thermometer 
  • 304 Stainless Warming Rack 


  • Made in the USA
  • No Electrical Components (less parts to replace)
  • High BTU's


Cannot swap a U burner for a Infrared. This can only be done on the L series.

AOG Grills

The L series Grills has the same features as the T Series but has lights over the knobs, lights inside the grill and uses Electricity to power the ignition. This grill would be most closely compared to the Blaze LTE series.

L Series the features above as well as :

  • Back-lit, comfort touch control knobs 
  • Halogen interior lights 
  • Electronic push button ignition (requires 120 Volt power)
  • Optional Infrared Burner that replaces the left standard burner


  • Made in the USA
  • Options Infrared Sear
  • High BTU's


Electrical Components. There is a reason these are generally warrantied for a year on most grill brands. This because they are one of the top failing parts in a grill (besides heat shields). Be prepared to continually pay for these replacement parts.

What is the AOG warranty?

Stainless steel burners have a lifetime warranty as long as the original purchaser owns the grill. Infrared burners and vaporizer panels are warranted for three (3) years. Ignition systems (excluding batteries on L series) and accessories (including side burners, motors, and thermometers) are warranted for one (1) year. 

Remaining parts not mentioned above ten (10) years.

Building an outdoor kitchen? 

If you not looking for an outdoor chefs kitchen, AOG offers a basic selection of outdoor kitchen components. These include storage options, side burners and a refrigerator. If you are looking for more of a comprehensive line of accessories, you may want to choose a different brand. They do offer a stainless steel griddle plate that is made of 304 1/4″ thick stainless steel and features a removable drip tray. Griddle accessories are all the rage now in grills. They truly expand the types of meals you can create outdoors. If you want to build in a griddle, you can add a Le Griddle (Manufactured in France) to your outdoor kitchen and it would look great with the AOG.

Blaze Grills

Blaze is a imported line of grills that offer great features at an affordable price. Contrary to what people may read, the Blaze Grills are manufactured in China.

They have 3 Levels of Grills : Prelude LBM (taking the place of Traditional Series), Premium LTE and Professional LUX Grills

For purposes of this comparison, we will be using the Prelude LBM (formerly Traditional Series), Premium LTE as they are the two levels that are comparable to AOG.

The Prelude LBM is the most basic in the Blaze lineup and does not include any light or electronic features. It is available in only (2) sizes 25" and 32".

The 25" has three stainless tube burners and the 32" has four stainless tube burners all at 14,000 BTU per burner.

Blaze Prelude LBM 4 Burner 32" Grill

The Blaze LTE is an upgraded model of the Prelude. There are also (2) sizes of this grill 32" and 40". The 32" has four main burners and the 40" has five main burners. 


  • Great Warranty
  • No Electrical Components (less parts to replace)


  • Manufactured in China
  • Tube Burners - these are not as good as the cast stainless offered in the LTE

Blaze Grills

You cannot judge the quantity of burners when comparing the AOG and Blaze Brands. A Pipe Burner takes less space than a U Burner. So in essence, your getting double ports in a U shaped. 

If you are building an outdoor kitchen, Blaze has a substantial line of accompanying accessories including side burners, power burners, refrigeration, griddles and more. 


  • Great Warranty
  • Cast Stainless Burner


  • Manufactured in China
  • Flame Thrower Valve Ignition
  • Electrical Components

What is the Blaze warranty?

All components have a Lifetime Warranty except electronics, ignition, and lighting systems. Those parts are covered for 1 year after date of purchase.

Brand Comparison Chart

Brand AOG T Series Blaze Prelude LBM AOG L Series Blaze LTE
Sizes 24, 30, 36 25, 32 24, 30, 36 32, 40
Burners Stainless U Stainless Tube Stainless U Cast Stainless Pipe
Cooking Grates Diamond Grates Round Rods Diamond Grates Triangular Grates
Heat Distribution Vaporizing Panels Flame Stabilizers Vaporizing Panels Flame Stabilizers
Ignition Flame-Thrower Flame-Thrower Electric (uses 120V) Flame-Thrower

Expert Opinion :

In our years of outdoor grill industry, US manufactured products outlast imports all of the time. Therefore, we would always choose an American made product from an established manufacturer. You also do not have issues with obtaining grill parts when you by American. AOG does not have to wait for Minimum Order Quantities to be met or Parts to pass through customs. 

Keep in mind warranties are only as good as the manufacturer being in business. RH Peterson has been in the Gas Log and Outdoor Grilling Industry for over 80 years. We would invest our money AOG. For a US Made Grill, you get the best bang for your buck.

Our reviews are completely unbiased and we offer advice purely on our experience selling and repairing grills. We do not "private label" aka put our name on an import or distribute grills or have any ties to a brand that would sway our opinion. 

If you have any questions on these or any other brands that may be comparable, please call us.

by Tracy Hollander on 3rd Mar 2021
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