Come for the Weber Grill Grates, Stay for the Service

What does a barbecue mean to your family gatherings? What does a barbecue mean to your leisure and recreation? How about to your ability to spend some time with yourself, meditating over the food you are crafting and preparing? What does it mean to you to unwind by the grill and breathe life into a meal? There are several facets of grilling that make it so enjoyable and so central to healthy and happy living.

A barbecue is a time to spend with friends and loved ones. It is a time and a place where jokes are told, stories are shared and good feeling bloom and flourish. Whether you find yourself congregating around charcoal or gas grills, built-in or standalone models, the outdoor cooking space is a special gathering place for people to come together and bond over good spirits, relaxing times and excellent, homemade food. Not just for designated holidays, the time spent in congregation and grilling is a surrogate for the time we set aside - it is the time we set aside for ourselves when we need a little extra holiday or weekend in our lives.

It’s also the time and place you set aside to practice the art and function of cooking. Providing meals for yourself and your family is a practice in self-sufficiency, where you can refine your form and appreciation for culinary arts as well as your indulgence and in the pride that comes along with providing for yourself and your family. Not only is a slow-cooked, barbecued meal an homage to your love and provision for others, but it is a testament to your devotion to refining a well-respected form of art.

You can also find a barbecue or spend time outside by the grill as a time for introspection and to unwind from the bustle of life. When you’re the grillmaster, you can forget all else except the slow roasting chicken or leg of lamb before you, and cancel out the frenzy of the world. Leisure is much more closely indexed to quality of life than many will recognize, and that time is vital to identity and stress management. Time spent by the grill is time well spent, and you probably wouldn’t have it any other way, which is only one of the reasons you put such time and resources into the hobby.

These are just a few of the reasons that chefs and grillmasters from all walks of life put so much time and money into the maintenance and aggrandization of their grilling arenas. When you put your heart and soul into your grill and the food you create, you want the best, and that’s one of the reasons that so many people invest their money into the first-rate equipment from Weber. It’s another reason why people spend a lot of time finding the right suppliers to help them find the parts they need for their grills as well as the right grills in the first place. When you take such pride in your grill, you’ll go to great lengths to secure the best equipment, most complete selection and the best service for yourself and your grilling equipment. And while any of these qualities might be easy enough to find on their own, finding them together can be a challenge. That’s one of the reasons that The BBQ Depot has flourished. Our customers come to use from all around for their Weber Grills and Weber Grill grates - but they stay for everything else.

Weber Grill - The Paragon of Excellence
As in any industry, there are names and trademarks that set the stage and define the popular image. Perhaps more than any other, Weber grills have set the stage for grills and cooks for a long time. The image of a Weber Kettle Grill almost serves as any man’s stereotypical representation of a grill in general. This isn’t just due to longevity, either. The size and shape of the original Weber Kettle Grill were revolutionary and provided heating and cooking capacities that were unheard of at the time.

Over the years, the grilling enthusiasts at Weber took their expertise in charcoal grilling and transferring it to all areas of the market. Today, Weber grills can be found in charcoal, gas, wood and wood pellet and electric models in all shapes and sizes. Weber’s particular expertise in grilling has snowballed into an authority on grill accessories as well, from Weber Grill grates to brushes and other grill care products. Weber has even become a leader in cooking tips and techniques with a catalog of recipes and suggestions that grilling savants wisely heed.

Owning a Weber Grill means you could practice slow smoking on a Weber Summit Charcoal Grill or cooking burgers on a classic like their Original Kettle Grill. It might mean that you have wisely invested in a Summit S-660 Built-In Gas Grill that is a fixture of your outdoor living and the gracious provider of many family meals. Either way and whatever your style and tastes are if you are the owner of a Weber Grill your dedication to grilling shows.

When you’re the lucky owner of a lucky Weber grill, either a heavy duty outdoor model or a portable electric grill, nothing but the best will do for you. And when you need nothing but the best you trust in all your grilling needs to the professionals at The BBQ Depot.

What Will You Find Here At The BBQ Depot?
You might come to The BBQ Depot in search of replacement parts or Weber Grill grates, and that’s great. Because nothing but the best will do for Weber, that means Weber parts for your Weber Grill, and you can find them all at The BBQ Depot. You might need cast iron grates for your Weber, and you’ll find them. You’ll find cooking grates like Weber’s Genesis E & S Series, in matte cast iron for excellent heat distribution. You might even be looking for a part like Weber’s Silver A, Spirit 500 and Spirit E 200 grates coated in porcelain enamel for the best in nonstick performance and longevity. If you need stainless grates for your Summit series or other Weber grills you’ll find them alongside round cooking grids to fit their Kettle Grills.

But your Weber Grill is so much more than just Weber Grill grates. At any given time you might need to replace an igniter system for your grill, or you might need a new warming rack or a set of flavorizer bars to thwart the process of corrosion or accumulation of grease. From time to time the casters of a grill will succumb to the elements or age - and settle for nothing less than a Weber replacement for your Weber - you’ll find it at The BBQ Depot. What if you need to replace something like a set of burners or flavorizer bars, or even need a new drip pan holder to replace the old one? The best comes from Weber, and that’s what you’ll find at The BBQ Depot. Even otherwise impossible to find parts and pieces of Weber grills are readily represented among the exhaustive stock at The BBQ Depot, such as Q Push Buttons, Control Knobs and Kettle Ring Burners. Basically, if you need it and it’s from Weber, contact the team at The BBQ Depot to help you find it.

But the BBQ Depot is so much more than just these parts for your Weber grill. You can come to the BBQ Depot to find not only all the branded parts you need for repairs or replacements but just as well for new grills. If you’re a suitor for a new grill, you’ll find so many of the market-leading models in addition to Weber that you’ll find it hard to settle.

Even if you come to The BBQ Depot looking for a brand new grill it will be impossible not to be impressed. There are no categories that are not represented, to the point that you might even find it difficult to settle on a favorite. Of course, you could ask their opinion on the affair given what your parameters are. Are you a die-hard charcoal griller and smoker? Are you a devotee of gas grills and the simplicity and convenience of the process they offer? Check out the stock at The BBQ Depot and you’ll find something to satisfy any interest in grilling, even the niche ones.

If you came for Weber parts perhaps it’s a Weber Grill that most suits your fancy. You might find yourself drawn inexorably to the Weber Summit Series Gas Grills that offer awesome performance and control. If you are a disciple of charcoal you’ll find Weber Ranch Kettle Grills that let you immerse yourself in the age-old practice of slow cooking over coals. Either way, between these options lies a world of possibilities that the staff at The BBQ Depot would be thrilled to help you explore.

Uncommon Service
As stated before, it’s difficult enough to find a great selection paired with great quality products and excellent service, but that coupling defines The BBQ Depot. So much more than just a line of the best grills and parts for those grills, The BBQ Depot is a knowledge-rich resource, manned by professionals who are well educated and passionate about their business.

With well over 50 years in the business, the people at The BBQ Depot have seen it all and grown with the times. Being in the grilling business so long brings with it a lot of valuable experience that they pass along to their customers. Starting with charcoal but accommodating newer fuels like gas as they hit the market, no one else has the scope of experience and knowledge as the team at The BBQ Depot. To them, expertise in all things grilling isn’t just a business. It’s a way of life.

If you have a question about a product, be that product a Weber, Al Fresco or Fire Magic, expect to get well informed and well thought out reply from the team. Specialized in these brands and other favorites like Lynx, Twin Eagles and more, they’ve seen it all and are there to help. You might be wondering whether there is any compatibility between parts. You might be wondering how to fix a knob or get their advice on the best grill for the type of grilling you intend to do. Perhaps you are even curious about their perspective on a particular product line. Don’t be shy, call up the team at 1-877-983-0451 or at and see what they have to say. You won’t find better information or more refined opinions elsewhere. It’s just hard to match so much longevity, attention and passion.

Another facet of their unique approach to service is the fact that they actually repair and service grills. Having been so long in the market and through so many shifts in popular products and equipment, they’ve seen and sold a little bit of everything. Not only will they perform basic repairs but they have a technician on hand who performs warranty repairs for many manufacturers. The BBQ Depot is one of the only grill specialists or suppliers that offers such an in-depth level of service. You can’t go elsewhere and get such hands-on service. Answering your questions dutifully is service enough but The BBQ Depot goes well above and beyond.

But you don’t just get excellent service in the form of information and repairs with The BBQ Depot. Along with these is their stance on price, and their model is only to offer the best. Therefore you are likely to receive a price match guarantee from them on your parts or your grills. Never before have you had such access to so many products and such exemplary service as you’ll have with The BBQ Depot.

The message is simple. Though you might come to for Weber Grill grates or other parts, there’s so much more to stay for. You’ll find the parts you need, and in prices and with accompanying service you’ll be glad you found.

by Tracy Hollander on 13th Mar 2018
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