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Here are some comparisons when considering The Big Green Egg

Big Green Egg

If you have a charcoal grill

With a traditional metal charcoal grill it’s hard to control the temperature, it’s hard to cook food for long periods of time without adding fuel, and it’s hard to keep your food from drying out.

But, with an EGG...

With an EGG, you can control temperature very precisely! Whether you are cooking low and slow at 250°, baking at 350°, roasting at 450° or grilling at 600°, you will have same precise temperature control as with your indoor oven, but with the added flavor of the all-natural hickory and oak Big Green Egg Natural Lump Charcoal.

In addition, with an EGG, you can cook food for long periods of time without adding fuel – as a low and slow smoker, there is nothing that will compare to an EGG, which can easily cook at 225° for 16 to 18 hours or more without refilling the charcoal!

Also, you can easily keep your food from drying out – the high quality ceramics retain moisture inside the EGG, creating juicier foods. With metal grills, the heat travels out through the metal and carries moisture out with it … drying out your food. With an EGG, there is no need for water pans like metal grills require and, again, you get the added flavor benefit of the natural charcoal.

If you have a gas grill.

While lighting a gas grill is quick, it’s tough to achieve the delicious flavors that charcoal imparts to food without thoroughly seasoning your food. You always need to make sure that your gas tank is filled; you can easily run out of fuel in the middle of a cook. And, it’s hard to control the temperature and keep your food from drying out.

But, with an EGG...

With an EGG, the all-natural wood flavor enhances the rich flavor of foods … in fact, the flavor that charcoal and smoking woods add to the food is legendary with an EGG. From the applewood-smoked ribs to the hickory-grilled steaks to the cedar-smoked fish … the design of the EGG maximizes the subtle flavors of the smoke in whatever food is being cooked.

And, most gas grill consumers actually prefer the flavor of charcoal, but assume that using charcoal takes too long. That’s not a problem with the EGG, which is very quick and easy to start. With just one SpeediLight Charcoal Starter, you’ll be ready to grill in less than 15 minutes, or you can use the EGGniter Charcoal Lighter to get started even faster. With either form of lighting, you never need to use messy lighter fluid or chimney starters.

If you have a pellet grill.

Well then, you know that with pellet grills, you can’t really sear foods. When searing foods, such as steaks, chops or seafood, you need direct radiant heat … not a problem with the EGG!

And, with a pellet grill, you have to have electric power nearby to push the pellets into the auger – and you’ll need lots and lots of pellets! The cost to operate a pellet grill is high, because you need both electricity and loads of pellets each time you cook.

With an EGG!

With an EGG, you can sear steaks, chops, burgers and seafood with a flavor-packed crust unmatched by other grills. Authentic, high temperature “steak house” grilling is quick, easy and delicious! Pellet grills cook indirectly, so you’ll miss out on those beautifully seared foods.

Also, an EGG will you money! At 450°F – the top temperature for most pellet grills – you’ll burn over 2 pounds of pellets per hour. With an EGG, because our charcoal is so efficient, each cookout usually leaves reusable charcoal sitting at the bottom of the grill … which doesn’t go to waste! After you finish cooking, simply tightly close both the top and bottom openings and the remaining charcoal snuffs out quickly and will be sitting there ready to be reused for the next cook.

Don't forget, their Lifetime Warranty!

The product is so good that Big Green Egg was the first grill manufacturer to stand behind their product with a lifetime warranty.

It’s no hassle — if something breaks under normal use, we will replace it, giving our customers the peace-of-mind that comes from knowing that a company has been standing behind its products for decades.

Warranty support in most cases is available right at the dealer — there’s no need to ship parts back or deal with a call center if you have an issue. Again, this is one more reason why we only sell EGGs through authorized dealers, and why you should always make sure that any customer coming in with a warranty question is serviced quickly and professionally — it is important to maintain our reputation as offering the very best warranty support in the industry!

Browse our selection of Big Green Eggs here, or come into our showroom in Hollywood, Florida.

by Big Green Egg on 7th Jan 2017

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