Delta Heat DHBQ32G vs Sedona by Lynx L500

Feature Comparison of two popular USA Made "mid-range" Grill Brands - Delta Heat and Sedona

Delta Heat DHBQ32G (No Rotisserie)

Delta Heat DHBQ32 Built-in Grill

And Sedona by Lynx L500 (No-Rotisserie Back burners)

Sedona by Lynx L500 2 Burner Grill

Both of these grill lines are manufactured by highly respected manufacturers in the industry. Delta Heat is manufactured by Twin Eagles and Sedona is manufactured by Lynx. 

These affordable luxury brands are more budget friendly than their parent companies yet still offer the quality you expect from trusted brands.              

Features Overview

Grill Delta Heat DHBQ-32G
Sedona L500
Number of Burners 3 2
Burner Style Stainless U style Stainless U style
Cooking Grates Stainless Rod Stainless Rod
BTU's 15,500 per burner 23,000 per burner
Rotisserie Burner optional optional
Heat Distribution System Ceramic Briquette Trays Ceramic Briquette Trays
Ignition Battery Operated Battery Backup
Total Cooking Area 699 sq in (525 sq in Main) 733 sq in (508 sq in Main)
Hood Assist Yes Yes
Cut-out Dimensions 30 5/8 w x 21 1/4 d x 8 1/2 h 29 w x 21 d x 10 h
Front Panel Lighting Yes Yes
Warranty Limited (selected parts) Lifetime (selected parts)

Both the Delta Heat and Sedona models are manufactured in California in the same plant as their parent grills.

Having a US manufactured product is important because you are able control the quality of your product. In addition, these manufacturers have to be sure they are following government safety regulations. Quality control is very difficult when you manufacture a product overseas. You have to trust the manufacturer you contracted with is following the quality standards you want in a product. This is because you do not own the manufacturing plant.

Case in point : The first Generation Delta Heat was imported. There were mounting quality issues that Delta Heat brought the manufacturing to the US!

The Delta Heat design looks completely different than its parent Twin Eagles whereas the Sedona has a very similar look to the Lynx Professional line. In the Sedona, it is under the hood where you will find the biggest differences.

Under the hood, both grills have an interior light. Delta Heat has two (which we love) and Sedona has only one. Though it is centered in the grill to give the best illumination. They also both have blue LED lighted knobs.

The ignition system on both of these grills utilize a 9-volt battery operated spark generator that is sparked simply by pressing in the knobs. These grills are able to have their sparker in the knobs because they use micro-switches that are connected to the valves. The electrode wires and the wire to the spark generator attach to the micro switch. When the knob is depressed, the prong on the microswitch activating the ignition.

Burners :

Delta Heat Burner vs Sedona Burner

The burners have similar designs. They are both Stainless Steel U burners. The Sedona burners have a bit of a higher BTU but remember there are only 2. So because Delta Heats individual burners are lower, there are 3 of them. Both of these manufacturers offer lifetime warranty on their burners.

If searing is meat is an important feature, you can add an infrared burner to the Delta Heat at an additional $279 whereas with the Sedona you can order the grill with a prosear burner at the same price as 2 Stainless U Burners.

The biggest disadvantage in the Sedona is the Prosear and the Convection U Burners are not interchangeable. So you need to be sure of the burner set up you want in the grill. The Delta Infrared burner is a "plug n play" style. Meaning you can swap a U Burner for a sear burner at any time.

Heat Distribution :

Delta Heat vs Sedona Grill Briquette Trays

Both of these grills use ceramic briquette trays as their heat distribution system. Radiating and retaining heat evenly. They are manufactured slightly different. Delta Heat uses a locking bar to hold the briquettes while the Sedona uses clips.

The cooking grates are heavy duty stainless steel rod on both grills. 

The Delta Heat and the Sedona both feature Spring Hood Assist systems so lifting the hood is super easy.

These units can also be ordered come with rotisserie backburners as an upgraded model (Delta Heat $160 and $310 for the Sedona).

Sedona offers a lifetime warranty, from defects, on the grill body and many essential parts including stainless burners, prosear burners and cooking grates. The Sedona Briquette trays are warrantied for 5 years. 

Delta Heat warranties, from defects, U Burners for lifetime, the cooking grates for 15 years and briquette trays 5 years.

Both of these grill lines have great outdoor appliance accessories including Storage Door and Drawers, Side Burners and a Refrigerator. 

In a nutshell, you cannot go wrong with either of these high quality grills though, we feel that the Sedona offers the best bang for your buck. This is primarily because of the warranty. You do not find US Made Mid-Range manufacturers offering lifetime warranty on their stainless steel burners, infrared burners and cooking grates. The grill will last a lifetime!

When you are planning an outdoor kitchen, one of the first and most important consideration is the appliances.

This is because each grill has a unique cutout. You cannot replicate the cutout if would need to replace the grill due to deterioration which is why finding a grill that has a quality manufacturer and is backed by a great warranty. Both of these grills are manufactured by the best grill brands in the industry. We will always support made in the USA! Not only because we should support our own products but if you should need a replacement or warranty part, there is more availability in US made companies

Our reviews of grills are completely unbiased. We evaluate grills by our years of experience not only in the industry but our years of servicing grills. We are one of the longest physically standing outdoor appliance stores (since 1956) as well as a specialty grill repair company in the nation. 

We look at 4 important test factors : 

  1. Quality of the Product - How does the grill hold up in our South Florida Climate 
  2. Ease of maintenance - Does the grill require frequent repairs 
  3. Manufacturer Reputation - Who makes this grill and how well is it supported 
  4. Warranty and availability of Replacement Parts
by Tracy Hollander on 20th Apr 2018
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