Delta Heat Sear Zone Burner Installation

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The great feature in the Delta Heat is the ability to change the Left U (open flame) Burner to an Infrared Searing Zone.

You will need to purchase the DHSZ-KIT in order to upgrade your grill.

The Kit includes :

Sear Burner and Screen, Ignition Electrode, Electrode Shield, Screws and Wire Ties

You will need :

7/16 Wrench or Socket, Philips Screw Driver and Needle Nose Pliers

Step 1 : Turn of gas supply and unhook power before installation

Step 2 : Remove Control Knobs

Step 3 : Remove Briquette Trays, Coking Grates and Warming Rack

Step 4 : Pull Drip (Grease Tray) Half way out

Step 5 : Under the control Panel, Remove the Back Screws on the Left and Right Side

Step 6 : Remove the center screw in the top side of front control panel

Step 7 : Pull out the bottom of the control panel, then pull down to remove. Place rags on drip tray and rest control panel down.

Step 8 : Remove the air baffle located at the front of the firebox (around burner)

Step 9 : Remove the briquette tray tab located above the center fed tube of the U Burner

Step 10 : Remove the screw that hold the U Burner in place (at the back of the firebox)

Step 11 : Remove U Burner 

Step 12 : Remove the Left side crossover tube and electrode

Step 13 : Follow the wire and remove from the spark generator

Step 14 : Install Sear Zone Burner. Place screw and tighten (upper left side of burner)

** IMPORTANT ** Be sure that the venturi on the burner is seated over the valve orifice.

Step 15 : Thread sear electrode through the hole, secure electrode by screwing into the front of the firebox and plug into the ignition module

Step 16 : Secure wires with zip ties

Step 17 : Reinstall Control Panel and knobs

Step 18 : Only install Briquette trays over the U Burners (You Do NOT use the briquette tray over the sear burner)

Step 19 : Reinstall cooking grates

Step 20 : Turn on gas and test fire.

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