Delta Heat Sear Zone Burner Installation

The great feature in the Delta Heat is the ability to change the Left U (open flame) Burner to an Infrared Searing Zone.

You will need to purchase the DHSZ-KIT in order to upgrade your grill.

The Kit includes :

Sear Burner and Screen, Ignition Electrode, Electrode Shield, Screws and Wire Ties

You will need :

7/16 Wrench or Socket, Philips Screw Driver and Needle Nose Pliers

Installation Directions

Step 1 : Turn of gas supply and unhook power before installation

Step 2 : Remove Control Knobs

Step 3 : Remove Briquette Trays, Coking Grates and Warming Rack

Step 4 : Pull Drip (Grease Tray) Half way out

Step 5 : Under the control Panel, Remove the Back Screws on the Left and Right Side

Step 6 : Remove the center screw in the top side of front control panel

Step 7 : Pull out the bottom of the control panel, then pull down to remove. Place rags on drip tray and rest control panel down.

Step 8 : Remove the air baffle located at the front of the firebox (around burner)

Step 9 : Remove the briquette tray tab located above the center fed tube of the U Burner

Step 10 : Remove the screw that hold the U Burner in place (at the back of the firebox)

Step 11 : Remove U Burner 

Step 12 : Remove the Left side crossover tube and electrode

Step 13 : Follow the wire and remove from the spark generator

Step 14 : Install Sear Zone Burner. Place screw and tighten (upper left side of burner)

** IMPORTANT ** Be sure that the venturi on the burner is seated over the valve orifice.

Step 15 : Thread sear electrode through the hole, secure electrode by screwing into the front of the firebox and plug into the ignition module

Step 16 : Secure wires with zip ties

Step 17 : Reinstall Control Panel and knobs

Step 18 : Only install Briquette trays over the U Burners (You Do NOT use the briquette tray over the sear burner)

Step 19 : Reinstall cooking grates

Step 20 : Turn on gas and test fire.

Now you can get back to having the Ultimate Grilling Experience! For additional questions on your Delta Heat, let us know.

by Tracy Hollander on 8th Sep 2018
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