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Lynx Grills began in 1996, when a team of culinary professionals convened to create something in the world of outdoor cooking that would utilize the same high standards, premier materials, skilled craftsmanship, and never-ending innovation native to kitchen ranges the world over. By expanding on the needs of outdoor cooks, they turned outdoor grilling into a luxury experience, creating a range of products now known as some of the world’s greatest grills. The purity of their materials, the skills of their people, and the quality of their craftsmanship has brought Lynx Grills well-deserved renown. Their Professional series of grills is all about the details. Crafted by those who know their art, these grills are determined to elevate the culinary experience of outdoor cooking. No matter what’s being prepared—from traditional barbeque to luxurious recipes—a Lynx grill gets the job done. Their grills are artful works of engineering, superior machines that will seamlessly blend into any outdoor arrangement. Their cutting-edge cast ceramic burners heat better than any metal equivalent, holding and radiating high temperatures, improving cooking time and energy usage. Lynx grills are some of the most energy efficient on the market.

With five sizes to choose from —27”, 30”, 36”, 42”, and 54”—these grills will fit any outdoor kitchen around. Each of the grills is available to be outfitted with any number of burner combinations. You can mix and match cast ceramic and trident burners to meet your needs.

From 2018 onwards, Lynx has made its burners exclusively from cordierite cast ceramic, a compound with low thermal expansion that allows the burners to take on an immense amount of heat without warping. The ports on these burners are hidden from dripping so they never clog, and the heat from the burner self-cleans by vaporizing drippings. The cordierite distributes even and intense heat, burning hotter and more consistently than any metal burner. These burners produce 25,000 BTUs of heat each, and do not require maintenance, as cast ceramic flakes over time.

Lynx’s trident Prosear burners are distinguished by their large temperature range (300 to 1000 degrees), which allows you to grill a wide variety of foods. This burner is unlike anything else on the market, able to deliver low, delicate heat just when you need it. An infrared burner, the Prosear directly heats the grates beneath your food, applying 23,000 BTUs of intense heat. The degree of control that the burner allows makes it perfect for tenderloin, tilapia, and even vegetable char.

Lynx grills use a ceramic briquette tray heat distribution system that allows these cooking machines to quickly heat and radiate. The briquettes have a hollow bottom that allow for a more even distribution of heat, which trumps the old gas grill tendency toward irregular hotspots. You can clean the briquettes in under five minutes, by reversing the tray, raising the heat, and letting the grease burn off. Clips are used to hold the briquettes in place. These clips must be occasionally replaced. Lynx’s ceramic briquette heat distribution system is the best on the market, superior to heat shields and lava rock.

Lynx’s hot surface ignition will light up your grill with the push of a knob. A perfect start brought on by a weather-tested electronic ignition, far more consistent and convenient than trying to light a traditional gas grill. From its beginning as a battery operated system, Lynx’s hot surface ignition has developed into the most reliable ignition system on the market. Press in the knobs and the turn the burner on—and the grill is ignited. Powered by a micro-switch attached to the gas valve, the ignition actives and sends a spark to the glowing hot surface electrode, creating heat.

Each Lynx grill incorporates a system of illumination, which glows blue from each knob. Further, intuitive halogen technology works under the grill’s hood to show you how your food is looking. The design of the Lynx grill is seamless, a well-welded body of shimmering steel, free of gaps where moisture can collect. Hand-tooled, precision-welded, and highly-polished, each Lynx grill is a masterpiece of grilling technology. Each detail is gone over to ensure the quality of the device, which is finished with invisible welds. An exclusive wind-deflecting fin is positioned along the back of each Lynx grill to minimize the effect of wind upon the grilling surface, which can otherwise affect temperature change beneath the grill’s hood. Though solid stainless steel gives Lynx grills a sense of substance, each is designed and precisely weighted to be easily usable. You can lift their each hood with just a finger, because each hood is centrally balanced, and comes with a heat-treated assist system.

The BBQ Depot has carried Lynx Grills since they came to market. If you need technical help, we’re here to serve. Our in-house department is qualified to answer even the most challenging questions. We’re here to provide you with the ultimate grilling experience.

There are five Lynx sizes to choose from: 27”, 30”, 36”, 42”, and 54,” each of which is available in a number of different burner combinations, including all cast-ceramic burners, ceramic and trident burners, and all trident burners. The 27” and 30” grills have two main burners. The 36” and 42” grills have three main burners. And the 54” grills have four main burners. There are two-burner configuration options on the 27”, and three options on the 30” and above. Each burner has 25,000 BTUs of cooking power.

Under the hood, Lynx Grills are pretty simple. Stainless rod cooking grates sit above ceramic briquettes and trays, below which sit the burners—either cast brass (in older grills), cast-ceramic, or Prosear. Cast brass burners produce traditional blue flames while Prosear burners provide high-intensity searing heat. While Lynx had been known for its high-powered brass burners, in 2018 they redesigned their burner to cast-ceramic, specifically, cordierite ceramic, a material used in kilns and commercial ovens for its ability to endure the highest temperatures. Burners often suffer damage, with extreme heat expanding and contracting the metal, and food and grease residue clogging the ports. Ceramic burners do not conduct heat in the same manner as metal, and are not as affected by the heat. Nor do these ceramic burners have ports. They do not get clogged.

Along with these burners, Lynx offers a Trident Prosear Burner at no extra charge. The Prosear provides restaurant-quality performance, able to create up to 23,000 BTUs of intensive infrared heat while retaining impressive temperature control that ranges from 250 to 1000 degrees. The Prosear is beloved by the world’s leading chefs and steak houses. Lynx recommends adding a sear burner to grills 36” and up, as you will still have plenty of open flame cooking space after its addition. Lynx also offers an impressive line-up of outdoor kitchen cooking accessories, refrigeration, and storage solutions for the ultimate outdoor area.

The BBQ Depot has carried Lynx Grills since they came to market. If you need technical help, we’re here to serve with repair parts including burners, cooking grates, briquette trays, ceramic briquettes, ignition and more. Our in-house service department is qualified to answer even the most challenging questions about Lynx Grills and outdoor living products. We’re here to provide you with the ultimate grilling experience.

by Tracy Hollander on 16th Dec 2019
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