Fire Magic Aurora Grill vs Echelon Grill – Grill Comparison Guide

Fire Magic Grill Comparison: Echelon E660i vs Aurora A660i

When it comes to grills, what could be better than combining fire with magic? You’d expect a grill that packs a punch, cooks your food to perfection and is built to last.

Grill brand FireMagic ticks all the boxes, making them one of the most popular grill manufacturers on the market. Advertising “The Finest Outdoor Grills You Can Buy,” they are a favorite of novice grillers and professional chefs alike.

But like every grill manufacturer, they have many models available for you to choose from. Their two most popular models, the Echelon E660i and the Aurora A660i, come so highly recommended that it can be difficult to choose between the two.

If you are in the market for a new Fire Magic grill and are trying to choose between the Echelon and the Aurora, this grill comparison guide is for you. Read on to see the pros, cons, and specs of each grill.

FireMagic Echelon E660 Grill on Cart

About FireMagic Grills

Fire Magic has been in the grill manufacturing business for over 75 years, and that depth of experience really shines through in their craftsmanship.

All of their grills are built with the highest quality materials and include the most advanced features that every outdoor cook needs. They even claim that their grills are built so well that they are “the last grill you need to buy.”

Fire Magic also offers a line of premium accessories to suit all of your grilling needs — from side burners to grill covers to refrigerators. You’ll have everything you need to build a complete outdoor kitchen.


  • Lifetime warranty on stainless steel burners, cooking grids, and more
  • High-quality stainless steel that’s oxidation and corrosion resistant.
  • “5 Ways to Cook”: sear, grill, smoke, rotisserie, and charcoal
  • More cooking area than most grills of the same size
  • Even heat distribution system with stainless steel Flavor Grids
  • The most BTU’s per square inch; heat up to 1,000 degrees and down to 200 degrees
  • Effective grease collection system to prevent grease fires


  • LIFETIME WARRANTY - Cast stainless steel burners, Diamond Sear and rod stainless steel cooking grids, and stainless steel housings.
  • FIFTEEN (15) YEAR WARRANTY - Brass valves, inner liners, manifold assemblies, and backburner assemblies (except ignition parts).
  • FIVE (5) YEAR WARRANTY - Flavor grid and infrared burners

Applies to the original purchaser only.

Customer Review:

“I currently have a Fire Magic [ grill ] and it is 21 years old and still working really well. I bought the Echelon for the lower patio of my backyard and I am IN LOVE with all of the upgraded bells and whistles. Not only is it gorgeous, but it grills everything to perfection. Worth every penny!”

– Marissa Smith

At the BBQ Depot, we’re proud to provide Fire Magic grills and accessories to our customers. If you are looking to create the ultimate grilling experience, browse our selectionof Fire Magic grills, parts, accessories, cooking grids, and more.

What’s the Best Fire Magic Series?

Fire Magic Echelon 660 Outdoor Appliance Package

While Fire Magic has released several grill series to “fit your needs and exceed your expectations”, the most popular series, hands-down, are the Echelon Diamond and the Aurora.

These two series cater tocooks looking for the finest design and unparalleled performance.

When comparing the Fire Magic Echelon E660i to the Aurora A660i you will find that the features are almost identical. The main difference is the design of the grill and the price. The Echelon has a sleeker and rounded contoured design to the control panel, while the Aurora is more angled. 

The Echelon series is $5,330.35 and the Aurora runs $3,915.10 to $4,484.60

About the Fire Magic Echelon

Fire Magic Echelon E660 Built-in Grill

The Fire Magic Echelon Diamond combines the ultimate in performance, beauty and innovation. With sleek lines, a unique contoured face and state-of-the-art features such as hot surface ignition, blue backlit knobs, a charcoal smoker basket (included with all Echelon Grills) and an optional Magic View window, Echelon Diamond defines luxury in grilling.” - Fire Magic Grills

The Echelon Diamond grill is Fire Magic’s most prized grill — made evident by their glowing description and raving reviews. To suit the needs of even the finest cooks, the grill includes features like Angled Halogen 12 Volt Internal Oven Lamps, a Master Power Switch, a Charcoal Smoker Basket, a High-Efficiency Stainless Steel Foam Rotisserie Back-burner, and much more.


  • Master Power Switch
  • Cast Stainless "E" Burners Made from 1/4" thick Cast Stainless Steel
  • 304 Stainless Steel Trapezoid Cooking Grids (include lifetime warranty)
  • 16-Gauge Flavor Grids – Allow Heat to Rise from Burner to Disperse Heat Quickly (5-year warranty)
  • Super High Torque Motor and Spit Rod with Meat Prongs and Counterbalance
  • Heat Zone Separators Between Each Burner
  • Rotisserie Burner
  • (Optional) Digital Thermometer - We always suggest Analog as there are more issues with the Digital
  • Halogen Interior Lights
  • Double Wall Rounded Oven Hood
  • Optional Viewing Window

Where to Buy:

Ready for a luxurious outdoor cooking experience? You can buy the Fire Magic Echelon Diamond grills online at The BBQ Depot

About the Fire Magic Aurora

FireMagic Aurora A660 Built-in Grill

“Superior design and engineering power the Aurora’s unparalleled performance. With many of the same features as its sister Echelon Series, the Aurora Series grill delivers cooking versatility, durability and longevity in a beautifully crafted machine.” - Fire Magic Grills

The Aurora series includes most of the same features as the Echelon series but brings a slightly different look. However, it does not include Heat Zone Separators or the Charcoal Smoking Basket. 

Also, the Rotisserie Backburner and sear burner is optional for the Aurora grill.

The Fire Magic Aurora is a long-lasting grill that will allow you to cook up delicious meals in style for many years to come.


  • Master Power Switch
  • Cast Stainless "E" Burners Made from 1/4" thick Cast Stainless Steel
  • 304 Stainless Steel Trapezoid Diamond Sear Cooking Grids (include lifetime warranty)
  • 16-Gauge Flavor Grids – Allow Heat to Rise from Burner to Disperse Heat Quickly (5-year warranty)
  • Super High Torque Motor and Spit Rod with Meat Prongs and Counterbalance
  • Heat Zone Separators Between Each Burner
  • Halogen Interior Lights
  • Optional Viewing Window
  • Built-In Analog Thermometer
  • 30” x 18” Cooking Area
  • Optional 17,000 BTU Rotisserie Backburner
  • Optional Viewing Window

Where to Buy:

Ready to purchase the FireMagic Aurora grill? Find the Aurora grill and accessories at The BBQ Depot.

Comparison: Fire Magic Aurora vs Echelon Grill

Not quite sure which Fire Magic grill is right for you? Check out our side-by-side Fire Magic Aurora Grill vs Echelon Grill comparison guide below.

Which Fire Magic Grill Should You Choose?

While both grills are beautiful, The Echelon Diamond Collection is the most top of the line luxury grill in the Fire Magic line-up. At the BBQ Depot, we consider the Echelon to be the clear front-runner in terms of features and luxury.

Both grills have nearly identical features, except that with the Aurora series, some of these features are optional at an additional cost including the sear zone burner. Also, the Echelon has a built-in Teppanyaki Griddle that the Aurora line does not have (as of yet).

Choosing the right grill for you will come down to budget and aesthetics. In other words, choose the grill with the right look and features for you, at a price you can afford. You can’t go wrong with a Fire Magic grill – guaranteed!

by Tracy Hollander on 20th Sep 2018
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