Grill Review : DCS BGC30-BQ Built-in Grill

DCS BGC30-BQ Built in Grill

One of the first truly high end professional grill brand to enter the outdoor cooking industry was DCS. For years they led the market with high quality outdoor products with beautifully designed grills and features.

Here what we think about the DCS BGC30-BQ Built-in Grill

For $1799, you can get a 2 burner grill manufactured from DCS. This was almost hard for us to believe given the longstanding history and quality DCS has been known for. Super high quality, super easy to use and super easy to maintain.

When building an outdoor kitchen, the equipment you choose is one of the most important decisions you need to make. You are investing thousands of dollars in a structure and counter-top that require a specific cutout to house the grill. Once that cutout is made... you are married to it. So you want to be sure to select a product you know will have a great warranty, parts availability, reliability and a most importantly a great company that stands behind their products. 

This grill gives you all that and more! 

Features & Benefits 

DCS has remained true to its roots with their heavy duty precision port U-shaped stainless steel burners that boast a high 25,000 BTU rating each with a total main burner output of BTU 50,000. Although the grill has high power, it still allows you to control precise heating temperatures from a low 300 degrees up to an intense 1100 degrees. This grill is HOT! We have always found that the DCS grill burners are very well constructed and last for years (with a little maintenance/cleaning).

DCS U Shaped Burner

Under the burner is a heat shield designed to direct heat upwards maximizing heat output.

DCS has one of the most unique heat distribution systems in the industry. They utilize Ceramic Radiant Technology. This is composed of a thin, hollow ceramic rods that sit in a radiant tray providing intense and even heat. There are 18 rods per tray. This has been a main stay in the DCS brand for years. They started with a lava radiant tray on the early model grills. This system is definitely better than the older lava radiant trays due to the crumbling mess lava rock can make.

CS Ceramic Rod Radiant Tray

The only downside of the ceramic radiants is the fragility of the tubes. They do break easy and are not cheap. Especially, if the radiant tray begins to warp or fall apart it can cause the tubes to crack and bust. Or if one of the heavy cooking grates are accidentally dropped on them. But with that, ceramic is the best style of heat distribution as it has the best heat radiation.

The deep stainless steel rod cooking grates allow for maximum grill space. We do wish that they would have the cast stainless finger grids in the 30" grill as they have an intense heat retention quality. Those grids, unfortunately, are only found in the 36 and 48 in grills. Their uniquely designed hood can be closed giving you power of convection grilling. 

The DCS Grills have a removable drip pan that cleaning a breeze.

This grill features a 9 volt battery operated ignition system. The battery is easily changed by pulling out the drip tray and locating the battery at the bottom of the control panel. If you should need to replace the battery or spark generator, you would need to remove the control panel. 

Assembled by hand from heavy duty 304 stainless steel, inside and out, these grills are built to handle most anything you can throw at them.

Finding the model and serial number is easy. It is located at the bottom right corner (behind drip tray handle)

Warranty :

2 years 

  • Entire product 

5 years

  • Radiant trays 
  • Drip Tray

Life time (Defined as normal domestic use and service for the lifetime of the original owner) 

  • Stainless steel grill burners 
  • Stainless steel grill cover 
  • Burner box 
  • Cooking grates 
  • Grill racks 

You truly get the best bang for your buck when investing in the DCS BGC30-BQ Built-in Grill. Superior warranty backed by a superior manufacturer.... Best of all it is not made in China! In addition, if you have an old 30" DCS Grill and are looking to replace it, the cutouts are the same make it a seamless upgrade. This grill may be simple in features, but it is the quality that is most important when evaluating the perfect grill for your outdoor kitchen or backyard.

Most importantly, when your out of warranty, replacement parts are available for all components of the grill. Which can be a truly daunting task for private labeled or imported grills. As DCS servicers, you can have peace of mind that repaining your grill will be a breeze.

The BBQ Depot has been servicing their grills since the inception of the brand. Over the years, they have remained on one of the easiest grills to repair.

by Tracy Hollander on 21st Mar 2018

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