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The Super Premium Twin Eagles Eagle One Grill has Landed!Twin Eagles 42" Eagle One Built in Grill

Are you looking for that WOW factor in an outdoor kitchen or wondering What the most luxurious Outdoor Grill you can have in your backyard? There's only one Super Premium and Super luxurious that fits this Bill! 

Twin Eagles has once again upped their game with the introduction of the "Eagle One" Grill. Made in the USA, there is no grill in the market with looks this spectacular and performance that smokes the competition. 

What is an Eagle One Grill? It is the finest, most impeccably engineered and designed outdoor grill appliance. And quite frankly, one of the most sleek grills we have seen.

When building your outdoor kitchen, this grill will wow the neighborhood. 

It is available in three sizes : 

  1. TE1BQ36RS 36" (most popular)
  2. TE1BQ42RS 42" 
  3. TE1BQ54RS 54" 

(we are hoping for a 30")

These Grills are fully loaded with all the features we love about Twin Eagles and more. All sizes come standard with a Rotisserie Backburner and Sear Zone (installed on the left side) for amazing intense heat and caramelization. The main burners (blue flame) are constructed of 14 gauge 304 stainless steel and feature 25,000 BTU burner per burner. 

Super Premium Features with Super Premium Grilling Results

  • Ambient Illumination
  • Exact Control Knob Illumination
  • Black Glass Rotisserie Back Burner
  • Chef Grade 1/2" hexagonal stainless cooking grates
  • Temp Track Illumination
  • Twin Eagles Proprietary 5-Part Grilling System 
  • 304 stainless steel, seamless heli-arc welded construction 
  • Grill Hood Assist System 
  • Reliable Hot Surface Ignition 
  • Rotisserie Rod Storage 2-Position Warming Rack 
  • Internal Halogen Light
  • Smoker Box

Proprietary 5 Part Grilling System

The cooking system is what sets the Twin Eagles Grills out from the competition. Each part is essential to your overall results. They have created a unique synergistic grilling system combines direct and radiant heat that assists in your grill preheating faster, reaching higher temperatures, distributing heat more evenly and allowing complete control in each grilling zone.

The Grill is set into zones allowing to cook different types of foods. This is perfect for families with different tastes and varying dietary needs. Zone grilling allows you to use each independent burner as its own separate zone. It allows you to grill multiple styles of food at different temperatures.

The grill is engineered with a unique air drafting feature. After you ignite the burners, the heat rises and creates a cool air drafting at the bottom of the firebox. This is important because it helps push the hot air up at the cooking surface. Most importantly, this feature creates less stress on the burners virtually eliminating burner fatigue.

Get grilling results like the pros with the premium Chef Grade Hexagonal Grates. These super sized 1/2” diameter hexagonal stainless rods offer more heat retention by increasing the mass of the rods by 50%. The flat top surface of the grate provides more food to surface contact thus more even grilling. The thicker the grate, the more heat it will absorb and retain. This is the thickest cooking grid we have seen to date.

The warming rack has 2 positions; Use the high level when you want the rack further away from the heat source and the low level position when you want closer to the cooking surface.

Every grill comes standard with a stainless smoker box. Simply use in place of the briquette tray. The smoker box lines up over the burner flame. Turn the grill heat to high, when the smoking starts, turn the heat down so that you do not cause a flare-up with the wood.

Superior Heat Disbursement

Ceramic Briquettes radiate heat evenly across the cooking surface and retain that heat even when the temperature is turned down. What makes Twin Eagles Briquette Trays superior to the competition? There are open spaces between the briquettes allowing some flame to come through. This allows the grill to preheat faster and minimizes hot or cold spots. Think Big Green Egg. There is a reason that the most superior kamado grills have a ceramic body. Ceramic will absorb and radiate heat. Flame Tames, Flavor Grids (or whatever name you want to call metal heat plates) only distribute the flame across the cooking area. Metal does not absorb and radiate heat like briquettes. See why this is our preferred heat disbursement system.

Precise Temperature Control = Perfect Food Everytime

Twin Eagles One TempTrak

Perfect Temperatures are super important in achieving perfect results. Twin Eagles has designed the LED behind the black glass bezel around the control knob to change color as the burner reaches warm, hot and ready to sear. No matter the type of food you are grilling, you will cook it with precision and accuracy.

No more inaccurate hood heat indicators. They take the perfect grilling temperature even further, the TempTrak features a graduated series of LED’s that indicate the average temperature inside the grill hood. The yellow LED’s indicate low range grilling temperatures. The orange LED’s indicate mid range and average grilling temperatures, and lastly the red LED’s indicate high heat or searing temperatures. Notice there is no analog hood heat indicator. This is replaced with the Temptrak. Will is give more accurate results? We think so. The analog heat indicators always fail and give inaccurate temperature readings. 

Why is this an amazing feature? It lets you know when your grill is cool enough to put your cover on and hot enough to sear. The illumination has a max temp of 600 degrees though the grill surface can 900 degrees or more.

The WOW Factor

Twin Eagles Eagle One Ambient Lighting

Accentuate the beauty the grill with the Ambient Illumination. It provides a beautiful layer of indigo blue light that casts down across the entire control panel. 

The bezels all have LED behind them for a spectacular representation of the heat setting of the burner. The grill sits in a stand-by mode when not in use. Simply press in a knob to wake the grill up. You will see a blue light will appear above the knob and the back lights come on. There is a a fade out feature behind the back lights, after remaining lit for approx 20 seconds they fade to black over five seconds.

The Ambient Illumination sits in the landing ledge of the front panel. To turn the light ON/OFF use the light switch for the halogen lights located to the left most side of the front panel. The Ambient Illumination provides soft ambient light for evening and night time grilling. 

Unique Rotisserie System

Twin Eagles Black Glass Rotisserie Burner

The Eagle One Infrared Rotisserie Burner is concealed behind a Black Glass Shield. This allows the burner to reach higher temperatures and enables the heat to be evenly dispersed across the entire back of the grill. The chain driven 100lb rotisserie motor means no more storing those exterior motors.

Is this grill worth the luxury price tag? 

Ultimately, If you are the one that who loves and have to have the latest and greatest in bells and whistles, then yes. Either Twin Eagles line will give you that commercial style grilling at home. In our opinion... The standard TEBQ Twin Eagles will cook the same. If luxury grills are out of your budget, you must check out Delta Heat. They are manufactured by Twin Eagles in the same California factory! These affordable grills are Made in the USA and have alot of amazing features.

Complete Your Outdoor Kitchen

Twin Eagles offers an array of complimentary products including side burnersgriddles, power burners and more.

The Twin Eagles Grills come with an amazing warranty to the original purchaser.

Lifetime - Stainless steel main burners, hexagonal grates and all fabricated stainless-steel components, to be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal residential use for the lifetime of the product. This warranty excludes discoloration, surface scratches, weather and atmospheric related staining, and minor surface rust and oxidation which are normal conditions and are to be expected with any outdoor product.

5 Years- Stainless-steel briquette trays, sear zone burners, rotisserie burners and drip pans to be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal residential use for a period of five years from the original date of purchase. 

2 Years - All other grill components to be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal residential use for a period of two years from the original date of purchase. 

Why do we Love Twin Eagles? Read Why Here

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by Tracy Hollander on 8th Oct 2020
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