Here's Why Delta Heat Grills Are Awesome

We often recommend Delta Heat grills and accessories to our customers, particularly those who are looking for a great deal on a high-quality grill without making too many sacrifices in terms of features and aesthetics.

Delta Heat is one of the most popular luxury grill models on the market for multiple reasons. Our clients are always happy with their Delta Heat grills, and we’ll get into the details below.

From a high-level overview, Delta Heat as a company is dedicated to quality and innovation. This philosophy is apparent in everything they make, from the grills themselves, to the accessories you can purchase to create your ideal outdoor kitchen.

They’re not afraid to incorporate new technology into their grills and accessories, oftentimes finding ways to use technology in ways that not only improve your grilling experience, but improve the food you’re grilling.

In fact, they’re known for their innovation just as much as they’re known for their visually stunning products. Delta Heat grills and accessories are beautifully designed with clean lines and durable stainless steel.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Here’s what makes Delta Heat grills so awesome, and why they’re totally worth the hype.

Delta Heat Grills are Made in the U.S.A.

We’re always happy to talk about grills that are made in America. It seems like everything these days is made overseas, and for better or worse, this hasn’t exactly garnered the best reputation for these products. Some of the imported products are made overseas because they can pay workers a much lower wage, which allows them to lower the prices of their products.

Of course, these same companies are sourcing incredibly cheap materials, as well. Cheap materials plus cheap labor have largely amounted to poor quality products. That it happens at all is unfortunate, but the practice in general is relatively common.

It’s not that all products made overseas are made poorly — in fact, that’s not the case at all. We sell many brands that are produced overseas and they’re high-quality products made from high quality materials — we wouldn’t sell them if they weren’t. It’s just a matter of the reputation that has spread rampant.

A great way to get around that uncertainty is to purchase American-made products, and Delta Heat is just one of the many brands we carry that are made right here in the U.S.A.

Delta Heat grills are manufactured by dedicated, skilled craftsman using high quality materials in a state-of-the-art facility in California. They also employ a team of highly trained and passionate designers and engineers who are an active part of the product development team.

And finally, another great perk of purchasing an American-made grill is that replacement parts are easier to find. Shipping those parts will also be much faster.

A Delta Heat grill is a purchase you can feel good about for many reasons, but the American-made manufacturing is certainly one of them.

Twin Eagles Quality at a Lower Price

One of the absolute best parts of Delta Heat products is that they have the benefit of the knowledge and innovation of their parent company — Twin Eagles.

Twin Eagles is arguably one of the highest rated grill makers in the U.S. With their extensive expertise on the art of grilling and outdoor kitchen accessories, Twin Eagles has a lot of valuable experience to pass along to Delta Heat.

However, you won’t have to pay Twin Eagles prices to get your grill or grilling accessories.

In some cases, Delta Heat products cost thousands less than their Twin Eagles equivalents, and without sacrificing much in the way of quality. For example, this 32-inch freestanding Delta Heat model with a rotisserie and a sear burner costs about $3,700.00. By contrast, this 30-inch Twin Eagles model that is nearly identical in its features to the Delta Heat model is about $5,800.00.

Both of these models are freestanding. They both have a cart underneath the grilling surface for storage and/or a propane tank. Both models come with a rotisserie spit and a sear burner. But thanks to the Twin Eagles name backing them up, the Delta Heat model won’t let you down or disappoint you. It’s still beautiful and (provided it’s well-maintained) will last for many years.

In fact, Delta Heat is often the choice that people go with when they want a new grill, but are nervous about spending the money. Delta Heat is a great alternative, still working closely with Twin Eagles and maintaining high standards of excellence.

Grill manufacturers are uniquely aware of the rigors their products will experience during their lifespans. Grills are mostly kept outside, even if they’re covered or are under some sort of portico. However, grills undergo massive temperature changes every time they’re fired up, and in order to withstand that kind of heat, you need to make sure the materials used are going to withstand that kind of punishment.

In order to cut costs, some brands skimp on this aspect — they might go with a thinner or cheaper metal to save money on raw materials. However, Twin Eagles isn’t about to allow Delta Heat grills to take a dive in quality just so the price point can be set lower.

Delta Heat is using the same quality materials as Twin Eagles grills, no matter what, and the craftsmanship doesn’t fall to the wayside. You’re getting a reliable grill with all the bells and whistles that high end competitors like Lynx and DCS have, but with a more affordable price tag.

Delta Heat grills are made by following the same strict quality control practices that Twin Eagles uses. Their products are designed right alongside Twin Eagles grills, so the attention to detail and dedication to excellence are wound completely through the process from start to finish.

Each Delta Heat grill is made with heat-resistant ceramics, polished mirror accents, and 18-guage stainless steel burners that come with a lifetime warranty (more on that later). All grilling accessories are made with the same finish so that your outdoor kitchen looks completely cohesive.

Luxurious Design

Delta Heat Grill Interior

Delta Heat is known for the luxurious design of their grills and accessories. Of course, this should come as no surprise, given that their parent company is also dedicated to beautiful design elements.

In fact, Delta Heat grills and accessories look every bit as luxurious as the high-end competition. We’re willing to bet that people would have a difficult time telling the difference between Delta Heat and Twin Eagles grills if the logos on the front were covered. Frankly, they’re beautiful and fit flawlessly into outdoor kitchens.

As the price of a product decreases, it’s common to see visual differences in quality — there may be more imperfections, or the craftsmanship is simply not there. That’s not the case with Delta Heat grills and accessories.

Even though machines are used in the manufacturing process (such as laser-cutting), some of the work is still done by hand. The steel used to make Delta Heat grills is meticulously shaped and finished by skilled craftsmen.

Sometimes, cheaper products come with hard lines and edges because it’s easier to make them. While the machines that stamp them out can be molded to any shape, companies looking to cut costs don’t bother to smooth out the edges because it’s an extra step or requires additional labor.

Handheld power tools are typically used during the finishing process. This practice isn’t necessarily avoidable, since the grill needs to be able to withstand severe temperature swings and moisture, but manufacturers looking to cut costs may choose to do the bare minimum.

Surely it’s easy to guess at this point that Delta Heat isn’t cutting corners on either materials or design. We’re particularly fond of the blue LED control panel knobs that ensure you can see your settings even after it gets dark outside. It’s such a simple feature, but so convenient.

It’s the little things that make items feel so luxurious — like LED lights around your grill controls. Companies less concerned with creating a high-quality product wouldn’t put so much thought into the grilling experience in that way.

In and of itself, this very mindset helps Delta Heat differentiate itself from competitors. They’re not just hoping to crank out grills that will break in a couple years — they’re designing and manufacturing products that people really love using. They take the extra time and resources to make sure that their customers are getting an experience instead of just a cheap product that will last a couple summers.

And while the visual appeal of Delta Heat grills is certainly a major factor of their luxurious design elements, we cannot gloss over the tactile experience of using it. Regardless of the industry, high quality products — whether that be grills, clothes, shoes, or sheets — have a different feel to them.

When you lift the lid to a Delta Heat grill, it feels well-made. It’s not the same feeling as ripping open the top of a cheap grill you picked up at a big box store when you got your first house. The double-lined hood has weight to it, and it glides open and shut effortlessly.

No part of any Delta Heat grill feels cheaply made. You’ll feel it the first time you use it.

The Delta Heat Warranty

Another great thing about Delta Heat is their warranty. Almost every part of Delta Heat grills are covered by some kind of warranty, whether it’s 90 days or a (limited) lifetime. Essentially, the shortest type of warranty (90-day residential) covers circumstances in which the grills are being used more often than a typical residence would, such as in bed and breakfasts or country clubs.

For Delta Heat grills being used for regular, residential purposes, the entire grill is covered in full for a period of one year. The five-year limited warranty covers gas valves and briquette trays. The 15-year warranty covers stainless steel grates. Finally, the limited lifetime warranty covers stainless steel main burners and fabricated stainless steel housing.

Of course, regular maintenance (gas tanks or briquettes) aren’t included in the warranty, but the main components of the grill are covered, assuming that the grill has been properly cared for and maintained.

Getting Started with a Delta Heat Grill

We understand how overwhelming picking out a new grill can be — especially if you’re looking to build an entire outdoor kitchen. You’re spending a lot of money and you don’t want to make a mistake by choosing a brand that doesn’t live up to the hype.

At BBQ Depot, we have decades of experience and expertise from which we can draw in order to advise you in your decision. We’re not looking to sell you products you don’t need or upsell you on grills that are outside your budget. We want to help you find a solution that works best for you and your situation.

Once you’ve made your selection, we’d love to help you maintain your grill. Whether you use your grill most days a week or just one, your grill will eventually need replacement parts or briquettes.

We take pride in being a one stop shop for all your grilling needs. We carry all the essentials, such as briquettes and trays, knobs, ignitor modules, ceramic pieces, U-burners, light bulbs, thermometers, cooking grids, grease trays, etc.

Regardless of the size of your project — perhaps you’re ready to purchase a new grill, or you want to update your outdoor patio, or find replacement parts for a grill you already own, we’d love to help.

Some people prefer to stop in our showroom in Florida to speak with us, but we have clients all over the country. No matter where you are, we can help.

We love talking to people about their grilling needs, and have even been known to troubleshoot over the phone with grill owners. (It’s true — and we’re pretty good at problem-solving!) Contact us today to learn more about our product offerings, shipping times, and product availability

by Tracy Hollander on 20th Jul 2021
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