History of the Lynx Grill Ignition System

The Evolution of Lynx Grill Ignition from Rotary to Glow-plug Hot surface

The Lynx Grill Ignition System has greatly evolved over the years. Their premier 0, 1 series grills utilized a rotary piezo spark generator. 

Lynx Rotary Igniter

This module creates a hard click when turned. This ignition is very reliable.

The module rarely goes bad and when it does you will no longer hear the snapping sound it makes. Their second generation grill, premier E LBQ series, upgraded the ignition to a battery spark generator. These modules create a quick clicking noise and need to be replaced (after trying a new battery) when you no longer hear the clicking noise. This ignition system remained in the Lynx design in the Professional E "L" model series.

The ignition modules changed again in the F & G, H and J series. This system utilized a battery holder that was located on one or two sides of the grill (depending on the model) that connected to the spark generator. 

Lynx Spark Generator with Battery Holder

The K series Grill introduced the Glow Coil Igniters - The electrode had two metal coils similar to what is in a light bulb. The electrodes do not create a spark as with traditional igniters, rather the two rods that extend from the electrode would gets super hot and would ignite the gas in the burners.This system was not very durable as the two tips would burn out and broke easily. Again, similar to when a light bulb burns out. Most of these were powered by electricity through a transformer. These did not last very long (only one series) in the Lynx Grills and are no longer sold. Grill in this series must upgrade their ignition to the hot surface glow-plug.

Lynx replaced the glow coil with the Hot surface glow-plug starting in the L series to present.

This system utilizes a hollow metal tube that gets instantly hot and literally glows red and ignites the burner. These are proving to be the more reliable and consistent ignition system. They are push to light powered and powered electrically by a transformer. This is a unique system as the Hot surface electrode get plugged into a micro switch that is bolted on the valve enabling the push to light ignition. The hot surface electrode is extremely reliable and rarely needs replacing.

Lynx Glo Plug Hot Surface Ignition

Lynx Parts Guide

This Guide will breakdown, by series, the igniter parts needed for your grill. Lynx Grill Igniter Parts Guide

by Tracy Hollander on 7th May 2017
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