How to change the gas manifold assembly on a Weber Spirit E-310

To change a manifold assembly on a Weber E-310 grill you will first need to remove the LP hose and regulator from the tank.


1. Remove the cooking grates, flavorizer bars and warming rack. 

2. Remove the knobs on the right side of the grill. 

3. Remove the screws on the front and back of the control panel so that it can be removed.

4. Lift the metal face of the control panel exposing the existing gas manifold assembly

5. Remove the manifold by loosening the screws that hold the manifold on the outside of the firebox and loosening the nut on the interior of the firebox

6. Once you have removed the bolts, you will be able to lift up and slide the manifold assembly off of the burners

7. To install the new manifold, place the bolts through the firebox

8. Line up each of the gas valves over the burners 

9. Place the 2 brackets over the bolts (you may need an additional person to hold the bolts from the interior if it is awkward) Tighten the bolts.

10. Hook up the hose and regulator that is pre-assembled on the manifold to the LP gas tank.

11. If you have correctly installed this manifold the grill will light.

by Tracy Hollander on 7th Jun 2017
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