How to clean an Infrared Prosear Burner

It is important to keep your infrared burner free from debris will help the burner light evenly and achieve the high temperatures it was designed to do. 

Troubleshooting a Sear Burner

An Infrared burner may experience flash backs (you hear a loud “whoosh” sound, followed by a continuous blow-torch type sound (almost like a jet). 

Possible Causes :

  1. Ceramic tiles have too much grease dripped on it
  2. Ports holes are are clogged or you have overloaded the burner by having something covering it like a heat disbursement tray or too much of the grill surface covered like with a griddle thus not giving the burner enough ventilation. 
  3. Cracked ceramic tile
  4. Leaking gasket surrounding the ceramic tile
  5. Baffle underneath the ceramic tile has broke

Solutions :

  1. Turn burner off and allow to completely cool 
  2. Re-Ignite burner and burn on high allowing the ceramic tiles to evenly glowing red. 
  3. Be sure that there is no more than 75% of the grill surface is covered 
  4. This type of burner does not use a heat diffusing system (except for the TEC Glass Panels Only). 
  5. Turn burner off and allow to cool for at least two minutes, then relight. 
  6.  Allow burner to cool and inspect very closely for cracks. If any cracks are found, Burner needs to be replaced.

Steps to Cleaning your Infrared Burner

  1. First you remove the cooking grates from the Grill
  2. Remove the wire mesh screen that protects the ceramic plaques on the burner (It may be disintegrated and need replacing)
  3. Gently vacuum the debris from the small pores of the ceramic plates.
  4. Do NOT use a brush as you will potentially clog the holes by spreading debris
  5. Replace the Wire mesh screen over the burner
  6. Replace the Cooking Grates

Its that simple to keep your Infrared Burner in perfect working condition.

by Tracy Hollander on 20th Feb 2017
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