How to install briquettes in a Ducane Meridian MDBQ Grill

Steps to installing the briquettes in a Ducane Meridian MDBQ Briquette Tray seen here.

Video Below!

  1. Be sure Grill is completely cool
  2. Turn off your gas
  3. Remove your cooking grates
  4. Remove the existing briquettes & trays
  5. Install new briquette trays

    Tip : it is best to add the briquettes while in the grill so that they do not move when installing tray

  6. Add new or use existing briquettes by simply placing them flat in the tray, in a straight line
  7. Repeat until completed
  8. The Ducane Meridian MDBQ Grills we’re manufactured by Twin Eagles and we’re the only Grills to use a briquette tray as the heat disbursement system.

by Tracy Hollander on 19th Oct 2017
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