Grill Repair - How to Replace a Sedona by Lynx Grill Burner Part 33750

In the picture below, you will see a Sedona by Lynx tubular burner that holes have split on the lower right side of the burner. This burner needs to be replaced as a large flame comes through the split. This type of damage typically occurs when one or more of the burner holes gets clogged and more gas is forced through the remaining holes compromising the structural integrity of the burner. Keeping the burner holes free and clear of debris will minimize this type of splitting. Below are instructions on replacing this burner.

Sedona by Lynx damaged grill burner

How you change the Tubular Burner in a Sedona by Lynx Gas Grill. The demonstration is used on a L600 but can be used for the L400, L500 and L700 as the burner part 33750 is used in all model grills.

Sedona by Lynx L600

You will need : gloves and a socket wrench

Steps :

1. Remove the cooking grates and set aside

2. Remove the briquette trays and set aside

Sedona By Lynx Burner

3. Take the socket wrench to loosen the bolt at the back of the burner to remove from the burner hangar. Use your fingers to remove bolt and set aside

4. Remove the burner by lifting up at the back of the burner and pulling out. Repeat this step if you are replacing more than one burner

5. Install the new burner by placing the center tube end in first. Place over the orifice valve and push in until the back of the burner has lined up with the burner hangar. Line up the bolt placement.

6. Reinstall the bolt on the burner and secure to the burner hangar

7. Check the burners to be sure you have a nice blue flame as this will be the best time to make any air adjustments.

8. Reinstall cooking grates and briquette trays

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by Tracy Hollander on 20th Feb 2018
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