Lynx Sedona L600F vs Weber Summit S-670

   Comparison : Sedona by Lynx L600 36" Freestanding Grill vs Weber S-670 Grill on Cart

           Sedona by Lynx L600 Grill with Rotisserie

     Weber Summit S-670

Model L600FR
Gas Type Propane or Natural Gas Propane or Natural Gas ($30 more)
Configuration on Cart on Cart
Number of Main Burners 3 6
Main Grilling Area (sq in) 618 624
Infrared Sear Zone Optional N/A
Burner Type Stainless U Burner Tube
Main Burner BTUs 23,000 10,000
Cooking Grates Stainless Rod Stainless Rod
Smoker Box No Yes
Ignition Electronic Ignition with Battery Backup    Flame Thrower (Snap-Jet) 
Hood Assist Yes No
Interior Lights One No
Control Panel Lighting Yes (Blue LED) Lighted Knob
Rotisserie Motor Yes Yes
Rotisserie Burner BTUs 14,000 10,600
Heat Distribution System Ceramic Briquettes Flavorizer Bars
Temperature Gauge Analog Analog
Warranty Lifetime  - Burners, Cooking Grates
10 Years - All Parts
Side Burner No Yes
Sear Burner Optional (at no additional Cost) Yes (Not a true sear)
Folding Side Shelves Yes No
Grill Cover  Optional Optional
Made in USA YES YES (Some Components)
Price    $3347 $2499 (LP)

The Sedona by Lynx and Weber are manufactured in The USA. 

The two grill are are not comparing apples to apples. If you were comparing cars it would be like comparing a Toyota Camry to a Lexus ES.

The Sedona by Lynx is a Commercial quality grilling system where Weber is not. The Weber Summit uses alot of imported parts on their grill such as the manifold and valves. 

The Sedona utilizes a Stainless Steel center fed U shaped burner while Weber is a straight tube. The BTU's per burner of the Sedona is much higher 23,000 vs Weber's 10,000. Though there are twice as many burners The total BTU of the Sedona is 69,000 BTU while the Weber is 60,000 BTU. Sedona by Lynx has a much better burner warranty than Weber. (Lifetime vs 10 Years). Top grilling temperatures will reach much higher (almost double) Weber's. 

Sedona Grills utilize a lock in place briquette tray that holds and radiates heat throughout the grilling surface. Weber uses flavorizer bars.  Ceramic Briquettes is a much better heat distribution and heat radiating system.

Sedona by Lynx uses electricity to power their ignition and has a battery back-up. Weber uses flame thrower style valves that ignition lights by using gas. Both grills ignite by pushing in knobs and turning them.

Sedona grills require electricity to power the control panel lighting (LED) and interior lights while Weber's is battery operated.

Weber and Sedona both have stainless steel rod cooking grates. Sedona offers a lifetime warranty on their cooking grates while Weber is 10 years.

Sedona has a True Ceramic Infrared Searing Burner that boasts 23,00 BTU's. Weber's "sear station" burner is a low BTU (6,800 BTU) stainless tube burner. It does not provide the Steakhouse quality searing of the Prosear burner in the Sedona. 

Sedona beats Weber in their overall warranty. (Sedona Lifetime - Cooking Grates, Burners, Stainless Grill Body; Weber 10 years). 

You do get a quality grill with both the Weber and the Sedona. If you are looking for a more commercial quality grill.. choose Sedona. In addition, you can remove the Sedona Grill head and build in to a future outdoor kitchen if you choose. Where you cannot with Weber. Inaddition, you can convert the gas type on a Lynx Grill where Weber you cannot.

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by Tracy Hollander on 20th Jun 2018
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