MHP Grills: Classic and Reliable

MHP Grills an Old Classic

When you buy an MHP Grill, you're tapping into the history of the gas grill itself. That's because MHP created the gas grill and they have stayed true to their roots for more than 50 years. They have and always will be manufactured in the USA

When you choose an MHP Grill, you're connecting with a company that has a true commitment to you. At MHP, they make durable grills that last for decades, and they stand behind them. We still repair some of the original grills (Charmglow) from back in the '60s, replacing the burners, ignition, and briquette racks on those rare occasions when they need replacing. That's because the cast aluminum hood and firebox can last a lifetime..

When you have an MHP Grill in your backyard, you own a grill that's built to last, one you'll hand down to your kids someday. These gas grills are built like tanks, made of rust-resistant heavy aluminum or stainless steel that lasts a lifetime. And they're made in the USA, so you can feel good about owning one.

The question isn't whether you should own an MHP Grill. The question is: which model do you want to buy?

The MHP WNK Grills

MHP's WNK Grill is our most popular model — and for good reason. This powerhouse is ultra simple to use, but delivers the performance you deserve. Take a look at the features of the WNK grill to decide if it's the right model for you.

Even Temperatures

What's more frustrating than watching while your burgers cook too fast ,while the chicken on another part of the grill is still almost raw? With an WNK grill, you never suffer that embarrassment. The patented stainless steel burner and ceramic briquettes combine to deliver perfectly even heat every time you grill, and your choice of stainless steel or SearMagic™ aluminum grates transfer heat to food seamlessly. You have complete control as you count on your grill to perform flawlessly.

Huge Cooking Area

With 642-square inches of total cooking area, you can feed all your guests with ease. You have plenty of space to keep meats separate from veggies, as well as to cook large cuts of meat. If you're a fan of indirect heat grilling, cooking roasts, potatoes, and whole chickens on the grill, you've got the ample space required for it. And those even cooking temperatures come into play again, since you can use every square inch of cooking surface.

Durable and Reliable

Made of cast aluminum, your WNK grill is designed to last a lifetime. We often hear from people who've had their MHP grills for 20, 30, 40, or even 50 years. Compare that to the expensive grills you previously owned that needed replacing every couple of years. When you buy an MHP WNK grill, you make an investment in a long future of relaxing summer afternoons filled with good eats and happy friends.

Stainless Steel Cooking Grids and Warming Racks

Cleaning becomes a breeze with the stainless steel construction of the warming racks and cooking grids on the WNK grill. The two-piece cooking grids are made of heavyweight 5/16" steel rods that hold up to anything you can dish out, or upgrade to Sear Magic™ grids, made of anodized aluminum for perfect searing. In our opinion, the stainless steel rod grids are easier to clean and care for. The swing-away warming rack provides a second cooking surface or a spot to hold those rare burgers while you're finishing up the medium-well order.

All the Mounting Options You Could Want

Do you have natural Gas Piped at your home or a bulk Propane Tank, you may want to consider solid post that holds your WNK grill sturdily on your deck or patio. How about a rollable cart that lets you take the grilling fun wherever you need it, with a bottom shelf that holds a tank ring for safe placement of your propane tank or a hose to connect you to natural gas? We've got that, too. Stainless steel and aluminum columns let you keep the propane tank out of sight, and you can place them on a specially-designed cart for easy portability. Or perhaps you want the elegance of a built-in grill with tile surrounds, storage drawers, trash drawers, and even pull-out coolers. We'll even help place your grill on a post that sinks right into the ground, ideal for when you want to take advantage of your spacious lawn.

High-profile Lid

Thanksgiving will never seem the same again, now that you can roast your big tom turkey right on your WNK grill. The high-profile lid gives you plenty of room, as well for other large cuts of meat, or set up your rotisserie to enjoy juicy whole chickens, amazing prime ribs, or luscious pork roasts.

Amazing Upgrades

Want to cook a pot of beans to go with your ribs? The stainless steel side burner lets you cook to your heart's content without taking up room on your grill. A SearMagic™ infrared side grill adds to your cooking square footage, so you can barbecue for an even bigger crowd, and the Infra-Roast rotisserie burner system puts the wonders of rotisserie cooking at your fingertips.

The MHP JNR Grills

If you only need to grill for a few people at a time, or if your space for a grill is limited, the JNR grill is the right choice for you. This reliable grill delivers all the heat you need in a compact footprint, sharing most of the features of the bestselling WNK grill. Check out what you'll find on the JNR grill so you can decide if it's what you're looking for.

High, Efficient Heat

When you're grilling, you want fingertip control over your heat, and you want that heat hitting the food no matter where it's placed on the grill. You get exactly that with the JNR grill. This grill features only a single H-type burner, unlike the WNK's double H burners, but its efficient heat reaches every corner of the cooking surface. Independent controls let you manage heat on either side of the grilling space separately and precisely, and the 15,000 BTUs and ceramic briquettes deliver the heat you need just where you want it. On top of that, the built-in heat indicator provides you with control by letting you know when the grill reaches the heat you're aiming for.

Large Cooking Area

The JNR grill offers 495-square inches of total cooking space, including 365 inches of primary grilling space. That's enough to grill about 18 hamburgers at a time, so you can keep your friends and family happy and well-fed even though your grill doesn't take up much deck or patio space.

Porcelain Briquettes

This feature, shared with the WNK grill, helps with heat retention, so your meats and veggies grill faster and more evenly. The FlavorMaster™ porcelain briquettes also catch the drippings, so they don't fall on the burners and gunk them all up. Unlike metal flavor plates, these sleek briquettes will never rust, making cleanup easier. And they deliver a fresh, BBQ flavor for the (long, long) life of the grill itself.

All the Mounting Options You Could Ever Ask For

Just as with the WNK model, you can place your JNR grill anywhere you want. The smaller size of this grill makes it ideal to move about your property, so you can get it on a two-wheeled cart for easy transport, with or without an aluminum or stainless-steel column to hide your propane tank — or opt for a tidy tank ring that makes propane replacement a breeze. Those columns are also available for placement on your patio or deck, or choose a post that you can permanently mount right into the ground for a retro '60s vibe (an option you won't find with most other grills). Of course, all mounting options are available with either propane or natural gas attachments.

Ready to Customize As You Please

Yes, lightweight, flimsy "modern" grills boast about their rotisserie burners and side burners. But with the JNR, you can add on those same options while still enjoying the old-school reliability and durability that MHP is known for, with no worries that you'll have to replace your grill every couple of years. Upgrade to a side burner that's ideal for heating your basting butter or BBQ sauce as you grill, or use it to boil your corn before you pop it on the grill for roasting.

Heat Where You Want It, Not Where You Don't

The last thing you want to do when you're cooking is burn your hand when you try to move the grill or open the lid. That will never happen with an MHP grill, thanks to the Sta-Kool stainless steel handle. This feature, shared by both the JNR and WNK grills, protects you against dropping a plate full of ready-to-grill meats out of shock when you touch a hot handle.

Comparing the MHP WNK and JNR Grills

You can't do better than an MHP grill if you're looking for something you can count on every time you want to fire it up. These cast aluminum grills are made in the USA, and they're made to last.

But which grill should you choose? Take a look at this comprehensive comparison to answer all your questions and help you make up your mind.

WNK Grills
JNR Grills
Total cooking area
642 square inches
495 square inches
Primary cooking area
433.5 square inches

365.5 square inches

Natural gas hookups
Propane hookups
BTUs per hour
Cooking grids
5/16" 2-piece stainless steel
1/4" stainless steel
Upgrade to SearMagic™ premium cooking grids
Dual H burners
Burner controls
2 2
Stainless steel warming rack x x
Self-cleaning FlavorMaster™ porcelain briquettes
Cast aluminum grill housing and bottom


Easy electronic ignition
x x
High-profile lid for large cuts of meat

Stainless steel, fold-down side shelves
Number of shelves
Sta-Kool stainless steel holder
Integrated tool holder
Stainless and/or SearMagic™ secondary cooking rack
Built-in heat indicator
Mounting options: -Post on stand
-Post in ground


-Aluminum column
-Stainless steel column
-Cart with tank ring
-Cart with hose and disconnect coupler
-Built-in grill head and enclosure

Side burner upgrade
Infrared rotisserie burner system

SearMagic™ infrared side grill

Which MHP Grill Is Right for You?

No matter which MHP grill you choose, you can't go wrong. MHP is synonymous with gas grills, and we believe that when something's working, you should stick with it. We know you don't want to spend time and money fiddling with a cheap grill that keeps breaking down. You've got better things to do than replacing parts — and those grills with electrical components, such as lights, break down all the time.

An MHP grill, on the other hand, will last you a lifetime. You'll hand it down to your kids — and they'll feel glad to have a grill they can count on. All our grills come with a lifetime warranty on many parts (and when we say "lifetime," we really mean lifetime).

Which leads to the big question: Which grill should you choose?

Our WNK and JNR grills share so many of the same features that your final choice boils down to just a couple of questions. How many people are you grilling for? And can you use the additional space that the WNK offers?

If you're grilling for more than a couple dozen people at a time, you'll want to turn your attention to the WNK grill for its larger size and extra stainless steel shelf. Does rotisserie cooking matter to you? If so, the WNK grill, with its infrared rotisserie option and larger lid size, is likely the right choice. The same is true if you plan to grill large roasts or whole turkeys — in that case, you'll definitely want the high lid of the WNK grill.

If, on the other hand, you use your grill to feed your immediate family and close friends, turning out luscious burgers, chicken, fish, and ribs, you may want the smaller JNR grill. With its smaller footprint, it's ideal for use on a intimate balcony or cozy patio.

Whichever choice you opt for — WNK or JNR — when you go for a classic MHP grill, you've made a great choice.

by Tracy Hollander on 19th Nov 2022
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