Napoleon Prestige vs Prestige Pro Grills

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Napoleon is a Canadian Company that has been providing Home Products including Heating, Fireplaces and Grills for Over 40 Years. Their Brand name is so widely known they are often referred to as the "Weber" of Canada.

They offer 4 Series of Gas Grills - Rogue and LEX (Manufactured overseas), Prestige and Prestige Pro (Manufactured in Canada), Charcoal Grills, Portable Grills, Built-in Grills and Modular Outdoor Kitchens.

Here we will compare the Prestige vs Prestige Pro

Click Here for a PDF of this Comparison (Infographic at article bottom)

Often this is the dilemma customers will have. They ask...

"What are the differences between these two series?"

On both Series you have the ability of Direct or Indirect Cooking.

Direct Cooking is a method of grilling where your food sits directly above the flame. Food that will grill quickly should be cooked using the direct grilling method. Essentially any food that will benefit from sitting on an open flame.

Indirect Cooking is similar to baking. Food is placed above burners that have not been lit. For example, if you have a four burner grill, light the outermost left and right burner and place your food above the 2 center unlit burners. This is a great way to slow cook meats including thick cuts of beef or ribs. Indirect grilling allows you to grill using super low temperatures.

Both Grill Series Feature :

  • SafetyGlow Control Knobs - Turns Red when the Burner is on
  • 12,000 BTU Stainless Tube Burners
  • Dual-Level Stainless Steel Sear Plates - For more even and consistent cooking
  • Instant JETFIRE Ignition for Main Burners

The Prestige also features a patented 7.5 mm Stainless Iconic WAVE Cooking Grids that help prevent food from falling through and if you choose a model with a infrared side burner or rotisserie back burner, these ignite using a battery spark generator. The Night Light Knobs are also powered by a battery spark generator. There is no need for electricity unless you choose a grill with a rotisserie. The rotisserie motor is powered by electricity.

Prestige Pro has these upgraded features :

  • Taller Grill Hood with a sleek design allowing for a better oven cooking effect
  • Rear Infrared Rotisserie Burner Standard on all Models
  • Heavy Duty 9.5 mm Stainless Steel Iconic WAVE Cooking Grids
  • Interior Lights
  • RGB Spectrum Control Knobs
  • Soft Closing Doors on the Cart
  • Side Burners and Rotisserie Back-burners ignite utilizing Electricity
  • On Propane units, the Cart includes a slide out tank storage tray (LP units only)
  • Sizzle Zone Infrared Side Burner that is Standard on all Models (Except the 825 features and Infrared Power Side Burner with reversible wok grid)
  • Integrated Wood Chip Smoker Tray (665 and 825 Models Only)

The side shelves on the Prestige Pro Cart are also upgraded. On the Right Side Shelf (under the stainless cover) is an Integrated ice / marinade bucket and cutting board and on the left you have a Infrared Sizzle Zone on these Grills.

The Five Prestige PRO Models

In either Black, Gray or Stainless -> shown in all images:

1. 500- 4 Main Burner Grill - No Rotisserie or Side Burner

Starting at $1299

Shown with optional Rotisserie Kit

2. 500 - RB4 Main Burner Grill which features a Infrared Rotisserie Back Burner

Staring at $1399

Napoleon Prestige Pro 500RB

3. 500RSIB - 4 Main Burner Grill which features a Infrared Rotisserie Back Burner and Sizzle Zone Infrared Side Burner

Starting at $1599

Napoleon Prestige 500RSIB

4. 665 - 5 Main Burner Grill - No Rotisserie or Side Burner

starts at $1,699 - Shown with optional Rotisserie Kit

5. 665RSIB - 5 Main Burner Grill which features a Infrared Rotisserie Back Burner and Sizzle Zone Infrared Side Burner

Starting at $1999

Napoleon Pro 665RSIB

The Three Prestige Model Options

1. PRO500RSIB - 4 Main Burners + All Pro Series Features

Starting at $2299

2. PRO625RSIB - 5 Main Burners + All Pro Series Features

Starts at $3299

Napoleon Prestige Pro 665

3. PRO825RSBI - The Mac Daddy Napoleon Grill.. The Pro 825

Starts at $4799

It is a Twin Head Grill that has all the features you could possible want in a grill. The Left Grill Head has 4 Main Open Flame Tube Burners, two interior halogen lights and rotisserie back burner. The right side grill head has two infrared sizzle zone burners, one interior halogen light and rotisserie.The cart features 2 soft closing doors along with 2 soft closing drawers.

All Prestige and Prestige PRO are available in Natural Gas for an additional $ 50

The Sizzle Zone is a ceramic burner with thousands of evenly ports that glows and heats up to 1800˚F enabling you to quickly sear and caramelize your food to lock in flavor. This restaurant quality radiant energy is delivered more direct on the food by using less air and less fuel. This burner cooks twice as fast as traditional open flame burners. You can also elevate the grate and place a pot on this burner. Making it very versatile. 

There are an array of accessories in the Napoleon Line-up. One must have accessory is the Cast Iron Charcoal Tray. You will have the ability to utilize multi-fuel sources including traditional charcoal or Wood Chunks with ease.

President's Limited Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime :

  • Aluminum castings / stainless steel base 
  • Stainless steel lid 
  • Porcelain enamel lid 
  • Stainless steel cooking grids 

10 Years :

Stainless steel tube burners 10 years full coverage, plus 50% off for life 

5 Years :

  • Stainless steel sear plates 5 years full coverage, plus 50% off for life 
  • Stainless steel infrared rotisserie burner 5 years full coverage, plus 50% off for life 
  • Ceramic infrared burners (excluding screen) 5 years full coverage, plus 50% off for life 

All other parts 2 years

Napoleon vs Weber

The two most popular Models if these grills are the Prestige 500 and the Prestige PRO 500. 

These two models we find directly compete with Weber Genesis II S 435 Closed Cart Grill and the Weber Summit S-470 Grill. They offer a better warranty and are a much better constructed grill.

Weber Warranty is a flat 10 years EXCLUDING Normal Wear and Tear. In addition, most Genesis Grills are manufactured in China whereas the Prestige are manufactured in Canada.

If you have any questions or would like to order a Napoleon Grill, Please contact us at 877-983-0451.

Napoleon Prestige vs Prestige Pro

by Tracy Hollander on 9th May 2019
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