Beyond the Grill : Choosing Outdoor Kitchen Accessories

You have your grill picked out now what? You need to choose accessories and components (if any) to complete your outdoor kitchen. There are so many options today. So consider the space you have to work with and lifestyle conveniences you would like to have outdoors.

Alfresco Outdoor Kitchen Sink

Storage Doors - We suggest having some type of storage doors underneath the grill. Doors come in either single or double. Having doors under the grill allow you to have access to your propane tank or gas lines you may have. It is important to note that you should never store pool products (especially chlorine) under your grill or in your outdoor kitchen for that matter. If you have a sink, you should also have a single door under the sink to access your plumbing.

Drawers - These are great for storing your grilling tools or spices. 

Trash Drawer - Have the convenience of rubbish disposal with a trash drawer. Most trash drawers will come with a trash bin.

Combo Units - These are a combination of drawers and a door. These give you the best of both worlds. We love to put these units under the grill. If you are limited on extra space for drawers, this is the perfect solution.

Other components to consider are cooking accessories and refrigeration. 

Having either a side burner or a power burner is a great appliance to add. Side burners can come in either single or double burners. These are like having your indoor kitchen outdoors. Have the convenience of heating sauces, beans or anything you would make on your indoor stove.

Power Burners are like a turbo charged side burner. They have the power to reach temperatures hot enough to fry. Their large width allows them to accommodate big pots. You can do everything you would do on a side burner on the power burner. They are about twice the width of the side burner so be sure you can accommodate the space. 

Looking to have cold beverages within reach? Consider adding a refrigerator. These appliances have a UL rating so they are safe to use outdoors.If you do not have access to electricity by your outdoor kitchen, you may want to add a ice bin. This way you will be able to offer cold beverages.

We look to add components that will minimize making numerous trips in and out of the house. Of course you have to be sure your budget and space will allow for all the conveniences you would like. 

by Tracy Hollander on 11th Oct 2018
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