Sedona by Lynx Grill Overview

Here at The BBQ Depot, we love the Lynx Professional Brand. They have been manufacturing world class grills in Southern California for over 18 years. When they introduced the Sedona line, we knew that they would be offering the same world class quality at an affordable price.

Lynx L700 42" Grill

When building an outdoor kitchen or simply wanting a grill on a freestanding cart, the Sedona by Lynx gives you the best bang for your buck.

Sedona's Three Models

There are 3 models in the Sedona lineup, L500 30”, L600 36”, L700 42”. These grills come in either all blue flame or with one prosear as well as with or without rotisserie. At the price point of these grills, we feel they are the best bang for your buck for a USA manufactured built in grill.

The L500 is a 2 Burner grill while the L600 and L700 have 3 main burners.

Luxury Features

There are many luxury features on this grill including hand polished seams, the Lynx hood assist making lifting the lid super easy and a heat indicator built in the hood so you can watch as your desired temperatures reach their mark.

There is are beautiful blue led lit knobs. Open the hood you will see a halogen internal light for our dusk or night time grillers.

The cooking surface has restaurant quality super think stainless rod cooking grids. These grids have a life time warranty.

The heat disbursement system utilizes ceramic briquette trays to spread the flames over the cooking surface as well as radiating and retaining heat.

The Stainless U shaped burner boasts 23000 btus per burner and also carried a lifetime warranty. (This grill is so hot, you may burn a steak or 2 while adjusting to the heat)

If you should choose the restaurant quality prosear Burner, it also has 23,000 btus and a lifetime warranty. Unheard of for searing burners in the industry.

The ignition is electronically powered (with a battery backup). Operate by simply pressing in the knobs and turning to the left until the grill ignites. 

The battery backup is located where the transformer has been mounted.

This grill is manufactured by the legendary Lynx professional grills. It offers the best bang for your buck. 23,000 btus per Burner and lifetime warranty on the cooking grates and burners (including the prosear) when building an outdoor kitchen, the appliances you choose are the most important as your married to the cutouts. If something should go wrong, you want to be sure you have a manufacturer to stand behind the product. (Not just a brand) Beware of the many branded grills in the marketplace. This is where a name is put on an imported grill. Though you may think you are saving money, when you cannot get replacement parts or warranty support for the grill you will see that that savings will cost you more in the long run. Always place center your budget around the appliances. 

With the 30” starting at $2059, the 36” at $2579 and the 42” at $3089 Go with the Sedona by Lynx. You cannot go wrong! If you choose a freestanding model, you can always build it in if you should later choose to build an outdoor kitchen.

The Sedona also offers ready made outdoor kitchens at a great price as well as many outdoor kitchen accessories including doors, side burners, sink and more.

Why choose The BBQ Depot?

We have been selling the Lynx line of products sine the inception of the brand. We not only sell the grills but, we also service them (locally in South Florida). You will find there are not many full service dealers such as ourselves. This gives us they ability to help troubleshoot the grill to our out of state customers. Our knowledge is unsurpassed on these grills!

We stock one of the largest Lynx and Sedona parts inventory around!

by Tracy Hollander on 13th May 2018
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