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Complete Guide to Solaire Grills - Convection, Infravection and InfraredSolaire Grilled Food

Solaire Grills are manufactured by Rasmussen Ironworks, a USA Gas Log Manufacturing Company that was founded in 1907. 

The introduction of their grill design and engineering was created by  Alfresco (hence the AGBQ in some of the models). The introductory lineup was the 30", 42" and 56". These grills featured restaurant quality infrared burners that delivered juicier food fast.

In 2003, they introduced Infravection, a mix of conventional and infrared burners. Giving you total temperature versatility while your grilling. The ability to combine blue flame and infrared burners in a grill, gave the flexibility of quickly sear and sealing in juices then transferring the food to the open flame to complete the cooking process.

Since then, Solaire expanded their selection of full size and portable grills. They have not added alot of bells and whistles as with the more "electrical" parts you have on a grill, the more there is to fail and replace.

These luxury grills are made from a high quality 304 stainless steel and are offered in six sizes : 21", 27", 30", 36", 42" and 56 " as built-ins or freestanding models. 

In addition to the full size grills, they also an extensive array of portables (table-top) models; Mini, AllAbout, Anywhere and Everywhere. 

Solaire Grill Features:

  • Made in the USA
  • Heats up in 3 minutes (a rocket under the hood)
  • Push Button Battery Operated Ignition
  • Stainless V-grilling grates for flavor enhancement and reducing flare-ups. 
  • Removable Stainless steel warming rack 
  • Drip Tray
  • Lifetime warranty on Burners and V Grilling Grates (21" and larger)
  • Hand Polished Mirror Accents
  • Heli-arc seams (no mechanical fasteners)

There difference between the two model prefixes is  IRBQ models do NOT have a rotisserie backburner and AGBQ models do have a rotisserie back-burner. 

There are also three easily interchangeable burner configurations that you can swap anytime you want a different grilling experience : 

1. Infravection - a Combination of Infrared and Convection Burners. You can easily change the burners in your grill to all infrared or all convection should you prefer one style over another. This style gives you everything restaurant quality food has to offer.

2. Convection - Blue (Open) Flame Burners rely on hot circulating air to grill your food and transferring that heat onto a disbursement system like briquette trays, heat plates, etc to evenly heat the grilling area. 

Solaire Convection Burners

3. Infrared - All Infrared Ceramic Searing Burners heats the food directly using uniform radiant infrared energy thus being impervious to wind. Thus intense radiating direct heat enhances natural flavor and delivers food similar to that of the finest steakhouses.

Solaire Infrared Burners


This compact  21" Grill has Two Burners and is only offered without a rotisserie back-burner. 

There are two sizes : Basic - 21G 18,000 total BTU's and Deluxe - 21GXL that has 24,000 BTUs and is 3 inches deeper.

The basic model is the most economical for Built-in models. Perfect for those on a budget and do not have to sacrifice quality!

Solaire IRBQ 21 Grill on Pedestal


The  27" Model is a two burner grill offered with or without rotisserie backburner.  

There are three model options : 

  1. Basic - AGBQ-27G features 293 sq in at 24,000 BTU's
  2. Deluxe - IRBQ-27XL features 362 sq in at 32,000 BTU's
  3. Deluxe - AGBQ-27GXL features362 sq in at 32,000 BTU's and a 12,000 BTU rotisserie back-burner 

Solaire AGBQ-27 Built-in Grill

AGBQ-30 and IRBQ-30

The 30" Grill features two main burners at 55,000 BTU's and  455 sq in of grilling space. Get this grill with or without a 14,000 BTU rotisserie backburner. 

Solaire AGBQ-30 Grill on Cart

AGBQ-36 and IRBQ-36

The 36" grill features three main burners at 74,000 total BTUs and 560 sq in of main grilling area.

Solaire IRBQ-36 Built-in Grill

AGBQ-42 and IRBQ-42

The 42" model is has three main infrared burners with 27,000 BTUs per burner with 667 main grilling area. 

Solaire IRBQ-42C Grill on Freestanding Cart

AGBQ-56 and AGBQ-56T

The AGBQ-56 features three main infrared burners at 27,000 BTU per burner with 667 sq. main cooking area and a 18,000 BTU Rear Rotisserie Burner. This model also features an integrated 17,000 BTU Dual Sideburner.

The AGBQ-56T includes four main infrared burners at 110,000 BTU, 899 sq. in grilling space and two independently controlled Rear Rotisserie Burners..

Solaire AGBQ-56T Built-in Grill

Cut-out (Specs) for Built-in Model Grills

Model Size Width Depth Height
IRBQ-21 21” 20” 16 1/4” 7 7/8”
IRBQ-21XL 21XL 20” 21” 7 7/8”
AGBQ-27 27” 26” 16 1/4” 8 7/8”
AG/IRBQ-27XL 27XL 26” 21” 8 7/8”
AG/IRBQ-30 30” 28 1/2” 23” 10 1/4”
AG/IRBQ-36 36” 34 1/2” 23” 10 1/4”
AG/IRBQ-42 42” 40 1/2” 23” 10 1/4”
AGBQ-56 56” 54 1/2” 23” 10 1/4”

Solaire Portable (Tabletop) Models :

  • Made in the USA
  • Ceramic Infrared Burners 
  • V-channel cooking grids 
  • Utilizes the same valve as Full Size Grills
  • Push-button battery-powered electronic ignition. 
  • Four adjustable feet 
  • Welded seams – no mechanical fasteners 
  • Replacement Parts Available

When shopping for a portable grill, Solaire should be your only choice. Quality and consistency is delivered every-time.


This personal infrared grill delivers 9,000 BTUs of power all while weighing just 9 lbs. Perfect for a single household or camper. 

Solaire Mini Portable Grill


This model is available in a single or double burner model. These grills pack a powerful 11,000 BTU per burner. 

Solaire Allabout SIngle Burner

The Single features 177 sq in of grilling space while the double has 370 sq in. These grills are great for tailgating or tabletop home use.

Solaire Allabout Double Burner Grill


The Everywhere is a lightweight 14,000 BTU portable grill. It has similar features to the anywhere except the hood is flat versus raised. 

Solaire Everywhere Portable Infrared Grill


Solaire Anywhere Portable Infrared Grill

The Anywhere has always been a super popular model. It was their first portable model offered. This grill is offered in a marine grade 316 stainless that is loved by boaters or people who live in ocean communities. 

Solaire Anywhere Marine Grade Portable Grill

The intense heat from this burner proves consistent even temperatures delivering the most delicious results.

Solaire Anywhere Infrared Burner

How do you clean Infrared Burners?

Maintaining these burners is simple and will keep your grill working perfect every time.

When the grill has completely cooled, remove the burner from the grill and shake out any debris out of the venturi tube. It can accumulate inside the burner. Remove the wire mesh screen and clean any grease off with a cloth or stainless scrubber. Take a shopvac and lightly vacuum the ceramic top. Look at the ceramic burner plate for any cracks. Place the screen back on the burner and put back in the grill. Do NOT brush the ceramic plate or use any water or degreaser! After each use, burn off any grease for five minutes.

Solaire believes in their product so much that they offer a "Try before you buy" program. For $47, you receive an Allabout Tabletop Grill that you are free to use for two full weekends and the week between. After the second week, simply wipe any grease on the grill repack and leave for UPS to pick up. Once the grill is received back, you receive a $47 gift certificate to apply towards any new Solaire Grill. Must be used within 30 days.

In addition to grills, they offer side burners and a selection of storage components for your outdoor kitchen. Add some accessories including griddles, warmers and a steamer/fryer to elevate your grilling experience. Contact to assist you in your new Solaire Grill as well as assistance with any replacement parts you may need.

Solaire is a great product and should not be passed up when considering a new grill. We love this brand and have been selling this brand since the early 2000's. They have the greatest lineup of high quality Made in the USA portable Grills. Anytime you purchase a portable grill at a big box store, you are most likely purchasing an imported product that has no support. (except for the Weber Q series)

We rate Solaire overall a 4 star brand. This is only due to the lack of a a more comprehensive selection of outdoor companion products to complete your outdoor kitchen. 

If your looking for a quality grill either built-in, freestanding or portable, Solaire gets a 5 star!


by Tracy Hollander on 21st Jul 2019
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