TEC Grill Parts and Cleaning Tips

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This article will review TEC Burner Maintenance and TEC Cooking Grate Maintenance. See the detailed spreasheet at the bottom

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Burner Maintenance :

Due to the intense heat of the Infra-red burner, any drippings or food particles that fall onto the burner surface are immediately vaporized. However, there are times where some debris may be left over.

In order to maintain consistent performance of the Infrared burner, after cooking, turn the grill on HIGH for about 5 minutes leaving the grill hood in an open position.

Keep in mind it may leave some ash on the ceramic surface of the Burner. When the ash begins to accumulate, it will clog the ceramic ports. To prevent clogging, remove the Cooking Grid and the Burner Screen, then lightly vacuum the ceramic surface using low suction approx every six months or when as you see build up.

Do not scrape the ceramic with the vacuum. The ceramic tiles are fragile and can break or crack easily.

If you notice any water on your burners, look to see if any water has penetrated the the ceramic tile surface. If you see any water in the ports, remove the burners from the grill, turn upside down to get rid of any water from the burner. 

After draining the water, allow the burners to thoroughly dry before reinstalling. 

Empty any other water you may see in the grill (including Drip Tray). Then, reinstall.

If you hear a popping noise, check the burner for cracks in the ceramic.

Cooking Grate Maintenance :

After cooking, you can leave your grill on high for about 5 min (with the hood closed) to allow the drippings to vaporize in the grill. If you notice any excess ash, after the grill has completely cooled, lightly vacuum them out. Periodically, remove and clean the Cooking Grids with a brass or stainless bristle brush and grill degreaser.

Rinse and dry the Cooking Grids thoroughly before using. Another great option is to use a V grate cleaning tool that is made by Solaire. This tool allows you to scrape any debris left in the channels.

If your TEC grill has glass panels in it, do not take them out when cleaning. Use a damp rag to clean them. Also, never use a scouring brush on the glass.

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by Tracy Hollander on 5th Apr 2017
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