Tips to Follow Before Breaking Out the BBQ Grills on Super Bowl Sunday

Were you aware that Super Bowl Sunday is the biggest winter grilling day of the year? That’s right fellow BBQ grillers, it is time to shed that BBQ grill cover from your Alfresco grill and fire it up for the big game on February 7. In fact, the Super Bowl is a great excuse to have your friends over for a BBQ.

Grillers love to host Super Bowl parties, they get to serve great food, watch football and impress their friends with mad grilling skills all on one day. Here are a few tips to follow before breaking out the BBQ grills.

Plan ahead so that you will be done preparing food before the game starts. So start marinating meats on Saturday, to ensure optimal flavor, and make sure you throw those meats on the grill early enough so everything is cooked by kickoff.

After you get your meats marinating on Saturday, go check the status of your BBQ grill. Check to ensure you have enough propane or whatever type of fuel you use and fire your grill up to make sure everything is in good working order.

Super Bowl Sunday is an ideal time to show your friends you can do more than just grill great burgers and dogs. Prove this by grilling some unconventional foods like pizza and veggies, your friends will appreciate the effort as much as they enjoy the new foods.

The beauty of grilling for the Super Bowl is that cleanup is a snap. The cooking was done outside on your BBQ grill so your kitchen remains relatively unscathed. This means you won’t be spending much time after the game cleaning up.

By the way, who are you rooting for this year?

by Tracy Hollander on 28th Jan 2016
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