Top Twin Eagles Grills for 2023

As 2022 is coming to an end, preparing to build your outdoor kitchen may take some planning and research. Better to start early so, when summer rolls around, you'll be the star of your outdoor barbecues! (Plus, you'll beat the new year price increases.)

We say Go Big.. and Stay Home (literally) and take the plunge in a new Twin Eagles Grill. From aesthetically pleasing designs to better temperature control, there are many advantages to owning a modern, advanced and lets not forget, luxurious, grill. If you're looking to upgrade before your next summer barbecue, Twin Eagles has you covered.

Award-winning engineer (and founder), Dante Cantal, has over three decades of experience in perfecting culinary equipment, which includes their innovative grilling technology. Whether you want to grill a basic burger or sear a savory steak, Twin Eagles grills will get the job done. Each product offers its unique benefits — to help you decide which is right for you, we've broken down the features below. Keep reading to discover the top Twin Eagles Outdoor Products for 2023.

Twin Eagles 36" Grill

If you need a new gas grill, look no further. They use advanced laser and heli-arc welding technology to cut premium 300 series steel. Then, they use the steel to construct their  sleek, silver gas grills. The result is an exciting design that's highly functional. Not only does the steel material provide increased durability, but it's also responsive and easy to use. Here are a couple of our favorite grill products from Twin Eagles.

Best Overall Gas Grill: Dometic Twin Eagles TEBQ36

Anyone looking for a versatile, intuitive gas grill can't go wrong with the Dometic Twin Eagles TEBQ36 Series Grills. These models are both spacious and sleek, offering enough room to cook for your whole family without becoming intrusive. They combine powerful burners, convenient zone dividers and a modern look to elevate your cooking experience. These Grills come standard with 3 Burners and measures 36" across the top of the control panel. You have 3 Model Options : TEBQ36G - 3 Stainless U Burners and no rotisserie back burner, TEBQR - 3 Stainless U Burners and an integrated rotisserie motor and backburner and TEBQ36RS - 2 Stainless U Burners, One Sear Burner and a Rotisserie BackBiurner. 

Top features include:

  • 25,000 BTU Burners: Use high-intensity heat to maximize the natural flavors of your food.
  • Easy-to-use controls: Activate the product with just the push of a button. As an added perk, the knobs are illuminated to provide precision control.
  • Hexagonal grates: Improve cooking results with heavy-duty, electro-polished grates.
  • Expansive storage: Take advantage of the spacious dip tray to store your rotisserie rod.
  • Multifunctional properties: Enjoy multiple cooking methods, from grilling to smoking.
  • Zone dividers: Cook meats and vegetables simultaneously by splitting up your grilling area.
  • Plug-N-Play Infrared Sear Zone (or U Shaped Burner if you chose a grill equipped with the sear burner)

If a 36" Grill is not the perfect grill, other Size options include : 30-inch, 42-inch, 54-inch grills. Most of these grills we have in stock and ready to ship!

PRO TIP : On these high end Grills that have super high BTU's, you want to grill with the hood open. You can preheat the grill for about 10-15 minutes with the hood closed. Only close the grill at lower temperatures and open on higher temperatures. This is the way you are supposed to grill. Grilling is high heat fast cooking. If your putting the hood down, you are using it more like an oven. 

Think of a grill at a restaurant. They do not have hoods to cover the food. They are open flame and will only have a top vent (as required by code). The Twin Eagles Grills are commercial quality. This will also save the electrical wiring from burning up! 

Best Overall Luxury Cooking: Dometic Twin Eagles Eagle One

Twin Eagles Eagle One Gas Grill

People who demand the Latest and Greatest will appreciate the Eagle One model. This outdoor gas grill boasts both a rotisserie and a sear zone. Even with these extra elements, the grill looks compact thanks to the sleek style. The quality design is paired with equally impressive functionality, as demonstrated by these top features:

  • Hidden rotisserie system: Expect perfect roasts with this exemplary rotisserie system. It offers the ideal rotation and distance.
  • Infrared rotisserie burner: Use higher temperatures and a wider heat range to cook large items. Along with an infrared rotisserie burner, the grill has 25,000 BTU burners.
  • Super Thick (I mean crazy heavy) Hexagonal grates: Maximize contact between your food and the cooking surface with extra-large, hexagonal grates. We have never seen cooking grates as thick and heavy as these!
  • Temperature tracking: Time your cooking perfectly through precise temperature tracking. Not only does the grill track heat, but the individual burners also light up according to temperature.
  • Ceramic briquettes: Enjoy quick and even radiant heat across your cooking surface.
  • Zone grills: Cook different foods at various temperatures, all at the same time.

Sizes include 42-inch and 54-inch grills.

Pellet Grill

While gas grills are still the standard, pellet grills are becoming increasingly popular. Using a system of fans and wood pellets, they can create the sensation of an outdoor confection oven. At Twin Eagles, the premium pellet grills excel in performance and convenience. These products range in temperature from 140ºF to 725ºF, supporting everything from baking and grilling to searing and rotisserie cooking. Let's look at our top picks.

Twin Eagles Pellet Grill

Whether you're experienced with pellet grills or a total novice, the Pellet Grill 36G is a great option. This 36-inch wood-fired grill is made with premium materials, creating a luxury feel that shines through in the food you make. The quality construction matches features that make the cooking process easier, quicker and more fun. These include:

  • Temperature probes: Track the cooking temperatures of multiple food items simultaneously with the different temperature probes. The grill supports heat up to 725ºF.
  • Wi-Fi controls: Change grill temperatures remotely through their mobile app, which connects to the grill via Wi-Fi.
  • Preprogrammed settings: Select food items from the grill's touch screen to set automatic, preprogrammed temperatures (or adjust manually).
  • Vaporizer plate: Transform pesky drippings into flavor-packed, smoky vapors with a 16-gauge vaporizer plate.
  • Expansive storage: Enjoy quick cleanups and plenty of storage room with two dip trays.
  • Front-loading hopper: Manage and refill wood pellets easily thanks to a convenient front-loading hopper. It has a capacity of 13 lbs.

Best for Rotisserie, Wood-Fired Cooking: Dometic Twin Eagles Pellet Grill 36R

Are you looking for a wood-fired grill that also supports easy rotisserie cooking? The Pellet Grill 36R fits the bill. It offers all the features found in the 36G model, with the added benefit of a hidden rotisserie. Despite this extra component, the grill is fairly compact at just 36 inches. Here are a few of its best features:

  • Weatherproof touch screen: Use the water-resistant touch screen to manually set temperatures or pick preprogrammed food items.
  • Strong temperature controls: Monitor and adjust the three temperature probes remotely through the accompanying app.
  • Exclusive briquette tray: Complete meals with a quick sear thanks to the exclusive briquette tray.
  • Stainless steel hooks: Suspend food items over the grill using stainless steel hooks. There are three hooks across five positions, which can help achieve even cooking.
  • Direct heat insert: Improve heat performance by including a direct heat insert.

Learn more here.

Freestanding Grill Bases

Once you've settled on a your grill size and features, the next step is deciding whether to built it into an outdoor kitchen or put it on a  grill base. (You can always take it off the cart and build in later.) Twin Eagles offers freestanding grill bases, which are compatible to the Grill you select, some have options with storage ability. No matter which one you choose, you can expect quality, long-lasting craftsmanship. All grill bases come with the following features:

  • Portability: Move the grill around your yard as you please.
  • Fold-down side shelves: Enjoy convenient fold-away side shelves, complete with tool holders.
  • Heavy-duty casters: Roll the grill into the desired position, then lock it.
  • You can remove the grill at a later time and build into an outdoor kitchen

Here's a closer look at our top options.

Best Overall Grill Bases: Twin Eagles TEGB36-B & TEGB36SD-B

Twin Eagles Free Standing Grill Base

At 36 inches, these portable grill bases are compatible with Twin Eagles most popular Grill Size - 36 inches. The cart is compact and easy to move around but still provide ample cooking room when preparing meals for friends and family. And, thanks to the generous storage room, there's plenty of space to keep your supplies. You may pick between two models: the TEGB36-B (which features two doors) and the TEGB36SD-B (which features storage drawers).

Wood-Fired Grill Base: Dometic Twin Eagles TEPGB36

Twin Eagles Pellet Grill Base

If you need a base for your Twin Eagles Pellet Grill, you won't find a more functional option than the TEPGB36 model. In addition to the fold-down side shelves and heavy-duty casters, it offers a center pellet storage drawer that conveniently holds your wood pellets.

Most Versatile Grill Base: Dometic Twin Eagles TEGB30-B &


These 30-inch, freestanding grill bases are compatible with multiple grill types, including the following:

  • All Twin Eagles 30-inch built-in grills
  • The Dine & Breakfast Club
  • The Teppanyaki Griddle

The TEGB30-B model comes with two doors, while the TEGB30SD-B model has storage drawers.

Most Spacious Grill Bases: Dometic Twin Eagles TEGB42SD-B &


If you need a larger grill for frequent gatherings, the 42-inch TEGB42SD-B model is a great option. It's compatible with Twin Eagles 42-inch grill, offers plenty of storage room and remains portable despite its large size. For an even larger base, we recommend the TEGB54SD-B paired with the 54 inch grill.

Cooking Accessories

When it comes to outdoor cooking, we believe the sky is the limit. That's why we provide a variety of cooking accessories designed to take your backyard barbecues to the next level. Let's go over a few of our favorite accessories.

Side Burners

Do you feel limited by your grill burner space? You can expand your cooking area without replacing your grill by adding a side burner. The dual-ringed seal burners integrate smoothly with your grill, letting you easily complete a variety of cooking processes (including boiling, stir-frying, sautéing and simmering). They also feature a stainless steel "S" grate that promotes effortless maneuvering. You may pick between two 13-inch, 17,500 BTU burners:

Best for: Anyone who needs a greater cooking surface area.

Specialty Burners

Transform a basic backyard barbecue into a restaurant-quality event through specialty cookware. These accessories do more than just expand your cooking area — they also help you perform advanced techniques you wouldn't usually do through a grill. The types of meals you can produce depend on your chosen burner:

  • Dometic Twin Eagles Power Burner: This 24-inch, stainless steel burner goes up to 70,000 BTUs, giving you leeway to complete recipes at both low and high heat. It also comes with control illumination for easy temperature monitoring.
  • Dometic Twin Eagles Side Burner Combo: Also known as the Dine & Breakfast club, this 30-inch product combines two burners with a gas griddle, letting you simmer, sauté and stew outdoors. It features a simple electric ignition and control illumination.
  • Dometic Twin Eagles Teppanyaki: The Teppanyaki griddle is a 30-inch flat top griddle that lets you execute many traditionally indoor recipes through your grill. Pancakes, bacon, eggs and stir-fries are just a few of the things you can make.

Best for: Avid cooks or anyone who wants to expand their cooking abilities.

Warming Drawers

If you're hosting a big outdoor party and need to grill and cook lots of food, warming drawers are an essential asset. As the name suggests, these drawers keep food warm, enabling you to grill up lots of food and keep them warm so all your guests will have hot meals. Depending on what you're heating, you can switch between low and high heat. And, thanks to humidity management controls, the drawers prevent food from getting dry. We offer two sizes:

Best for: Anyone who wants to prepare meals ahead of time.

Get Your Ideal Summer Grill Today

Getting a new grill is a big investment. Thus, it's important to make the right choice. Ultimately, you want a grill that fits well in your yard, supports your cooking preferences and produces high-quality, delicious food. At Twin Eagles, they pride themselves on providing homeowners with luxury, USA-made grills. If Twin Eagles is out of your price range, you must check out their sister Brand  Delta Heat. Delta Heat offers high quality affordable luxury outdoor kitchen equipment.

The quality craftsmanship, coupled with their advanced engineering, makes Twin Eagles grilling equipment stand out against standard models. Whether you're looking for a gas grill or a freestanding base, you can rest assured a Twin Eagles product will deliver exemplary performance. Need help finding the best grill for your needs? If you ever need replacement igniters, briquette trays and more, we stock those as well! Feel free to reach out to our support team today!

by Tracy Hollander on 4th Oct 2022
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