Twin Eagles Redesigned TEBQ Grills and Cooking Accessories

Introduction to Twin Eagles 2017 Series

Twin Eagles, the USA luxury grill manufacturer, has made some major design and engineering changes for 2017 by introducing a new C series. The NEW Twin Eagles 2017 models are a true design evolution of Twin Eagles line with enhanced looks and features!

Twin Eagles TEBQ 36 Grill

Design and Engineering Enhancements

These are the new features and aesthetic design improvements to the line of Twin Eagles TEBQ 30, 36, 42 and 54" grills and cooking accessories that includes all side burner models, Dine & Breakfast Club, Teppanyaki Power Burner and Salaman grill.

Extended Product Upgrades

In addition to the grills, they made improvements to the refrigeration products, warming drawers and the paper towel drawer to feature their new handle end cap design.

Model Designation Changes

The new models will be designated with a “-C” that will replace the current “-B” models.

Feature Enhancements

Redesigned Components

1. Beautifully redesigned handle endcaps that compliments the distinct angled design of the grill hood & control panel further accentuating the Twin Eagles signature look.

Hood and Temperature Gauge

Redesigned grill hood that eliminated the rotisserie spit rod cutout as well as totally concealing the hinge hardware.

3. New Temperature Gauge with a graphite gray to black design that matches the new control knob bezels that appear graphite grey when they are not illuminated

Illuminated Controls

Twin Eagles illuminated lights and rotisserie rod storage

4. Exclusive illuminated control setting with a controlknob with indicator notch. The knob appears to hover over a translucent grey bezel until you activate the illumination. When activated, a bright graduated line glows blue and the control knob indicator notch illuminates to give a precise control knob setting. This the industry’s most ingenius illumination design while being the most appealing.

Rotisserie and Grill Light Innovations

Note: This features will be included on all grills (except charcoal), Side Burners, Dine & Breakfast Club, Teppanyaki, Power Burner and Salamangrill

5. Matching the Alfresco ALX2 and ALXE Rotisserie Design, Twin Eagles has engineered their own Concealed Heavy-Duty Rotisserie System featuring a fully integrated rotisserie motor with 100 lbs. turning capacity.

This concealed design (as with Alfresco Grills), eliminates the external motor.

They also added a convenient and innovative Rotisserie Rod Storage, conveniently located in grill’s drip tray handle for easy access.

6. Grill Light Switch automatically turns off the internal halogen lights when the lid is closed, adding longer life to your lights.

Industry Commitment

These design and engineering updates further shows Twin Eagles commitment to the Outdoor Cooking Industry.

Expertise and Support

The BBQ Depot are experts in the Twin Eagles Grill line as well as authorized repair agents and all grill repair parts for all model grills.

by Tracy Hollander on 1st Mar 2017
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