Weber Summit S-470 vs Napoleon Prestige Pro 500RSIB

We will compare the two top of the line grills : Weber Summit S-470 and the Napoleon Prestige Pro 500RSIB for these two brands Weber and Napoleon

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First lets look at the brands

We all want the best bang for our buck. Weber and Napoleon gas grills both fit the bill.

Over the years, Weber has done an incredible job at marketing their products. Many people do not realize that Napoleon has been around for decades and is Canada's Weber. Over the years, they have increased their US presence and have become Weber's largest competitor in product offerings.

Many customers come to our showroom immediately asking for Weber because it is a household grill name. This is usually because they have seen Weber in a big box store as well as, their branding has become synonymous with quality. Napoleon offers the same reliability, quality and service that Weber is known for. Though, in the ever changing retail landscape, Weber has been sold and many of their grills that were manufactured in the US has been moved overseas as well as the model line up has changed.

What should you look for in a gas grill?

We like to educate our customers on the value of investing in a quality bbq. Sure you can buy a cheaper grill grill at a big box store but what is that value when a year later something breaks on the grill and the replacement part is non existent? We encounter this daily. Many worldwide frustrated customers who wanted to save a few bucks on the grill and come to us looking for parts that do not exist making the grill a throwaway. Every replacement part of a Weber or Napoleon gas grill is available with the exception of converting their grills. So with either brand you need to be sure of the gas type you choose.

Weber Summit S-470 Gas Grill

Napoleon Prestige Pro 500

Weber Summit Sear Zone is just another blue flame burner inside the grill firebox with a lower BTU than the main grilling burners making it impossible to "sear" whereas Napoleon's infrared SIZZLE ZONE side burner reaches 1800 degrees (in seconds) and is true infrared searing. On Napoleon's Sizzle Zone you can sear a steak on infrared side burner and then finish cooking on the grill or place a pot on the burner and use as a traditional side burner. This is one of the biggest differences in these grills. It is a true infrared burner that is made of ceramic with thousands of tiny port holes. The ceramic burner glows red in seconds, producing infrared heat. Locking in the juices.

Napoleon’s Prestige PRO500RSIB is a high-quality and high-performance grill with innovative features that include soft-close doors on the cart, interior cabinet lights and shelving as well as a shelf on one of the doors.


The Weber Summit and Napoleon Prestige PRO models come standard with more bells and whistles than most. Both grills have an infrared recessed rotisserie, sear burner (though both of these are not created equal) and lighted knobs, to name a few.

The Weber Summit and the Napoleon Prestige Pro are both the top models in their product line.

Both grills offer Four main tube burners made of 304 stainless steel.

Both the grills have stainless steel side shelves with tool hooks and plenty of space. Napoleon has a condiment holder as well as a towel bar (on the right shelf). Lift the lid and you will find a cutting board and concealed under the cutting board you will find an ice or marinating bucket. Many of these features are not available on the Summit.

Both grills have an aesthetically appealing design with many comparable features.

Both grills have lighted knobs except Napoleon's also illuminate the control panel for added light should you be grilling in the evening. In addition, Napoleons knobs have a safety glow feature and turn from blue to red when the burners are on.

Napoleon and Weber both have a stainless steel cooking system that include heavy-gauge tube burners with cross over lighting, a stainless steel heat distribution system (Weber calls theirs flavorizer bars while Napoleon deems theirs DUAL-LEVEL sear plates)


Napoleon offers Stainless WAVE rod cooking grids while Weber's is traditional rod, both have rear infrared rotisserie burners and warming racks. Napoleon steps it up a notch by adding two interior halogen lights and is made of marine-grade 304-stainless steel where the Weber is not. Weber offers a tuck away rotisserie motor whereas Napoleon's will have to be removed and stored.

The Napoleon Prestige PRO Series PRO500RSIB Gas Grill is 500 square inches and Weber's is 468 sq in.

Napoleon has a double walled lid which allows little heat to escape, keeping it enclosed and circulating it like a conventional oven. Use both grills as a smoker, by adding soaked wood chips to a stainless steel smoker box. Weber takes this further by adding a dedicated smoker burner allowing the wood chips to be heated. The only disadvantage is Weber's smoker box takes up a portion of your cooking area. With Napoleon, you can turn your gas grill into a charcoal grill with their cast iron charcoal smoker. Just remove the sear plates and place the charcoal tray in.


Weber Summit S-470
Napoleon Prestige Pro 500RSIB
  • STAINLESS STEEL BURNER TUBES - 10 YEARS + 50% off for Life
  • STAINLESS STEEL SEAR PLATES - 5 YEARS+ 50% off for Life 


With unbeatable quality, style and warranty, the Napoleon Prestige PRO Series PRO500RSIB Gas Grill has more features and bang for your buck than any other grill in its class. You will be grilling like a PRO.

Why trust us with your next grill purchase?

We, at The BBQ Depot, are not professional chefs, we are simply grill experts. We have been in business since 1956 and have specialized in the sale and repair of gas grills. When evaluating grills we look for quality of product, - How does it withstand the harsh environment of South Florida?, customer service from the manufacturer - Do they offer a hassle free warranty process? Do they stand behind the product they manufacture?, Where is the grill manufactured? - We stay away from imported grills for three reasons - safety, reliability and availability of replacement parts.

Grill Weber Summit S-470 Napoleon Prestige Pro 500RSIB
Cooking Area 468 sq in 500 sq in
Stainless Steel Burners 4 4
BTU's per Burner 12,200 12,000
Sear Burner Sear Zone Blue Flame Sizzle Zone Side Burner Infrared
Cooking Grates 9mm Stainless Rod  9.5mm Stainless Rod Wave
Ignition Snap-Jet JETFIRE
Heat Distribution  Flavorizer Bars Sear Plates
Interior Lights No Yes
Smoker Burner Yes No
Rotisserie Yes Yes
Lighted Knobs Yes Yes (Safety Glow)
Hood Assist No Lift Ease Roll Top Hood
Temperature Gauge Yes Yes
Warming Rack Yes Yes
Interior Cabinet Lighting No Yes
Made in the USA Yes Canada
Price $ 2,099 $2,299
Warranty Limited 10 year Limited Lifetime
by Tracy Hollander on 11th Aug 2017

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